6 Business Workflow Mistakes Hurting Your Bottom Line


Keeping business processes optimal is challenging. Often companies fall into bad habits and “make do” with how their current system operates. The issue is not adapting and updating systems or workflow tools, familiarity and being comfortable with the current system doesn’t always mean it’s the most optimal workflow.

Problems can be hidden, it might not always be obvious where any workflow mistakes are. Everything might seem to be working, but there could be a big bottleneck. You need to be actively assessing any hindrance in the business’s workflow.


This is detrimental to modern-day workflow. Working in “silos” means operating as an individual or department bubble, working independently in this way limits communication. It might seem like a good way to get people to focus on their work but it can cause a lot of wasted time and costly overheads.

Create an open floor. Encourage communication and data sharing between teams and individuals. Implementing collaborative software will help keep people connected and give management an easier time to find problems and delegate tasks.

Bad System Integrations

Some workflow solutions and automation might be attractive, but they might not always be compatible with the current implementation. Stand alone they could be optimal but if they don’t communicate well between current implementations this will disrupt the workflow more than aid it.

No Bottleneck Assessment

Just because something has been done a certain way that works for a long time doesn’t always mean it is the best way. Usually, this should be done by management. But everyone should be aware of processes that might be disrupting the workflow. Be aware of the process and actively track each step to compare against past data, this will enable you to pursue issues when they arise.


Not talking about employees here. Software in modern businesses is often what’s causing workflow disruption. A worker is only as good as his tools, outdated software with overlapping features or even outdated functionality just leaves clutter and wasted time switching between solutions. There are many custom development companies offering bespoke built solutions to encompass everything a company needs to optimize workflow.

Information Availability

This is a big workflow mistake hurting your bottom line and business overall. Sharing data across the company effectively saves an incredible amount of time. Paper is out and most documents are digital even if they have a paper counterpart. Making information easily accessible eliminates the time involved when emailing, waiting for responses or sifting through piles and visiting teams.

Internal Communication

This is why “work in a silo” is an ineffective environment. Data needs to be shared, and communication can actually increase employee productivity in general. For the bottom line it can create a sense of unity and even build relations between teams or departments. This will help employees work faster, remain aligned and focused while increasing efficiency and reducing mistakes and miscommunication.

Axis Software Dynamics thoroughly understands all of these issues. As a business ourselves we are always working to improve our own internal workflow and want to help other businesses achieve success. Come talk to us and we can discuss your workflow and seek an optimized solution tailored to your needs today.