5 Signs Your Company Needs Customized Desktop Applications


In business, you are always trying to simplify workflow and streamline the processes involved to produce the best results. As a proactive and intuitive business owner, you are always looking to save time and money and reinvest those efforts back into the business’ productivity.

It can be difficult sometimes to come up with a completely new strategy or addition to the business, you don’t want to waste more time or money and be counterproductive. You might be under a heavy workload already or stuck deciding where to go next. Moreover, a customized desktop application could be what’s needed to improve productivity and add more value to your business.

Take a look at these 5 signs your company needs customized desktop applications. You might be surprised about the significant change investing in an application can make to your business.


Internet Access


This may seem irrelevant in the modern day but you might need to seriously consider this. If you have agents and workers out in the field, roaming or between jobs they might not have the connectivity to WIFI or an LTE signal but might still need to record results or perform numerous other tasks. This is where a customized desktop application addresses this issue and ensures workers aren’t hindered by being fully functional offline.


No Monthly or Annual Costs


You might already have a web application, but a desktop app might be more beneficial. The development and maintenance of web applications often have higher costs and consistent recurring costs due to their nature. Desktop applications are one time costs and maybe small update/maintenance fees if needed.


Frequency and Urgency


If there are services and tasks that are frequent or urgent your workforce performs, a customized desktop application could be just the tech needed to boost productivity. Once installed they are easily accessible from the menu, desktop or toolbar. By using alt – tab/ cmd – tab it can be navigated to easily when open. Additionally, this key command is one of the most commonly used. The application can be easily minimized and hidden ready for use again without cluttering the screen.




Desktop applications are installed per machine and apply better individual user preference settings. Being able to access all required information without having to navigate a bunch of menus each time can be valuable time saved. Rather than a one size fits all approach, it’s better to have a custom-built environment. Most importantly, this can be tailored slightly to each individual need, and improves productivity.




Out of date software. Your businesses productivity can be hindered significantly by old software, you might even have multiple old tools and software. It can be inefficient to keep using these and you will find a lot of old software features can all be collated into one custom desktop application. Different modules instead of separate programs removes clutter and provides an updated UI and UX experience that’s a pleasure to look at and use.

Even one of these signs could mean that your business can benefit from having a customized desktop application. Each of these points target aspects which cost time and money. If any of these signs are showing, it could mean that it’s time to consider investing in a technology that can improve your company’s productivity overnight. Contact Axis Software Dynamics for all of your custom software development needs.