What Can Business Intelligence (BI) Tools Do?


Business intelligence is essential, there’s no doubt. Data driven decisions empower businesses to confidently make moves, and it’s all powered behind the BI tools providing the insights. These tools can do a lot more than some people think, and some off the shelf solutions do not get utilized to their full potential.




This is one of the utmost basic operations of a BI tool, being able to ask a question (query) of the data and pull the desired answers from the set of data it’s being applied to. But this is just like utilizing a database which is essentially what you are doing. The benefits of BI tools go far beyond this.


Data Mining


Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are empowering BI tools. Using these with the databases and statistical data brings to light some interesting trends in very large data sets.


Reports and Business Data


This is crucial, it helps to translate business data metrics to other people such as stakeholders. You can provide these reports to team leaders, department heads and even sales reps. Utilizing this correctly helps those concerned make decisions based on reliable data.


Performance Metrics Across Business


Similarly TEMA leaders and teams are also concerned with performance. Business intelligence tools don’t only compare past data to present, they can create predictive data sets based upon the current performance metrics too. This helps by providing insight into past, present and future performance to track against current goals.


Data Visualization


This comes as no surprise, it’s also a main reason we use BI tools. The benefit here comes from the versatility that business intelligence has to display data and insights. It’s much easier to translate what data is telling you when it’s in a visual format.


Analysis Data Preparation


Sometimes it’s not always about individual data sets. Certain data can’t tell you much alone, but compiling multiple sets together and identifying the scale can be beneficial. Preparing large sets for analysis allows you to dig deeper into the meaning of the data. This combining of data can create better visualizations, allow for more advanced queries and of course include a wider range of relevant data.


Real Time Business Intelligence


This is proving useful in numerous industries like insurance and retail. Having on demand statistics that can discover useful data insights about customer behavior or show next day predictions is invaluable. Being able to forecast profits, for example, over a week or even a single weekend can be useful for retailers looking for niche data insights.


Custom Business Intelligence Solution


The point of a BI tool is to give you a competitive edge. Data is powerful and one of the most valuable assets your business has, and the right tool makes all the difference. Opting to have a custom solution developed will give you that edge, it allows for specifically developed functions and operations to provide what you need in just a click.

At Axis Software Dynamics we are dedicated to giving your business that competitive advantage you need. Our experienced team understands the importance of data and the difference it can make across your whole business. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss what a business intelligence tool can do for you.