The Top 9 Workflow Management Apps


The right workflow management app can have a huge impact on a business. They increase efficiency and keep things organized throughout the process. As businesses become more digitized there is a need for automated management, and a workflow management app handles everything from automating repetitive aspects to tracking task completion times.




Kissflow is a top choice due to its simplistic and clean user interface. The simplicity, however, doesn’t mean it lacks functionality. It provides a rich selection of management tools like form designer and custom dashboards.




Getting this out there early, Camunda is one of the more expensive options you can go for. At a staggering $990 per month you might be dissuaded from even looking at it. But they have been around for a long time, since 2008. As a result, they have a very well developed application that has been used by companies for years already.




The most useful aspect of Nifty is its scheduling feature. You can manage everything on this one platform like calendars, meetings, tasks, goals and specific timed team tasks. Their rich calendar functionality provides an easy to navigate interface which is perfect for those who like everything planned out in a comprehensive way.




A classic, this is hugely popular among everyone from individuals like students all the way up to big businesses. It has Kanban board layouts preset to help get setup fast and individual separation for projects or even advanced tasks. Trello grouping functionality makes it easy to manage everything and keep things collated.




Zapier is a web app and has some advanced dashboard capabilities, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use. It enables teams and individuals to manage data between pages easily and empowers them to focus on tasks that matter. Instead of wasting time managing data processing.




Hive has been called the best for small businesses. But even companies like Starbucks use this software, for individual branches or single location businesses it’s very powerful. AI analytics and many other integrations means you can use your existing favorite tools alongside it. The project views keep everything centralized but allow for good flexibility to match diverse workflows.




Nintex is a cloud-based workflow management tool. It has a familiar and easy to use interface for those who are more visual with their planning. Drag and drop user interface makes for flexible planning in a traditional workflow style, rather than more modern solutions which opt for Kanban style.




You’ve probably heard of this one already. Jira is one of the top workflow management tools on the market, due to its trustworthiness and extensive features. It helps teams with planning and assigning work to individuals or groups, organizes issues, and captures data about tasks and who’s doing what.


Custom Solution


Maybe some of these fit what you want but not quite, you might have a special workflow that you want incorporated. Looking at a custom solution means you get exactly what you want with the features you need and no fluff. The only challenge here is finding a team to build the app.


That’s why we are here. Axis Software Dynamics understands the importance of workflow software, and we want to help you achieve maximum efficiency. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about what is right for your business.