11 Signs Your Company Needs a Web Application


Web applications are becoming increasingly popular, and many companies are switching their services over. Old businesses had been operating off of intranets, limiting their reach and separating field agents from the internal teams. With today’s increased work-from-home workforce, maybe it’s time for a web application!


General Signs


Using Multiple Platforms

If it’s a customer facing application, it’s highly beneficial to have a web app, and these can also be implemented into mobile apps using a container. For employees, they have the benefit of access from anything, they’re not limited by a single unit access point.


No Installations

Likewise, web apps do not require installations. Making it even easier to use across multiple platforms and access from anywhere.


Used From Multiple Devices

No installations also improve the utilization of the application from multiple devices. The combination of using multiple devices, operating systems, platforms and having on site and off site teams makes web applications more attractive.


Uptime Is Crucial

The fast paced business world and data on demand lifestyle require the maximum if not 100% uptime of services. Its critical to not only customers but also company employees. If your business is slowed down by updates and fixes then it’s time to look at a web application.


Company Benefits / Improvements


Data Accessibility

You might now be finding yourself with employees who work from home or already had off site employees. If they need access to data while utilizing software then a web application is the best solution.


Field Agents Empowered

Employees might not always be at home working. Field agents can be empowered by having the access to not only powerful software but also the data that comes with it. Real time access to data and the powerful server backends gives them the edge they need.


Mobile Access

Phones or tablets, Apple or Android. It doesn’t matter, web applications run from browsers and if you are finding yourself or your employees are limited by being OS dependent then web applications solve that worry.


No More Paper

Paper? Documents? Piled high on desks and stuffed into cupboards. Storage space and files plague offices who have been standing and running for a long time. Reducing your paper usage by 30% can save thousands of dollars per year; when switching to a web app with the servers’ secured storage.


Technical Signs


Lifecycle of the Web Application

App/software updates stopping your workflow? Fixes and tests can be performed on versions separate from the live web application, and they can also be pushed to deployment while everything is running.


Development Targets Web Apps

Frameworks and even programming languages themselves are being improved or developed more for web based applications. Leaving certain system frameworks unsupported or running slow out of date versions. Leaving your applications at risk of becoming obsolete.


Operations Hidden From Users

Web application operations are performed on the servers they are deployed rather than the user’s system. The benefit here is that mobiles and tablets can run the same powerful applications and have the same functionality as a desktop. The sign here relates back to your employees or teams being out in the field, making web apps the best choice.


Have you realized there’s a few signs you might need a web app? They might not be immediately obvious. Get in touch with us at Axis Software Dynamics, and our team can spot signs of improvement in many areas not just related to web applications. Let us help you find solutions right for you!