How to Deliver the User Experience Your Customers Actually Want


Customer experience should always be a high priority on any business plan. It can dramatically impact many areas, most noticeably revenue and return rate of customers. Businesses which focus their attention on user experience will see immediate returns on their efforts, and high customer satisfaction.


Understand Who Your Customers Are


Needs change depending upon a number of factors. The main ones to look into are age, location and of course what do they want! Create customer personas that encompass your larger audiences, this will enable you to design more specifically and focus on your target demographic.

Utilizing this method allows you to empathize with your customers on a more personal level. These personas not only help your user experience, but also your UI design team and help your customer support team to adapt their strategy.


Listen to What Customers Actually Want


Seems simple, but many businesses don’t implement an effective way to do this. Don’t waste time thinking about what users want, just ask and listen. This is the easiest way to improve user experience and give customers what they want. 

Customers are more likely to leave feedback after a bad experience. But not hearing anything doesn’t necessarily mean everything is going well. Provide an easy way for customers to leave feedback about their experience, something not too disruptive.

Follow-up emails, compact questionnaires, even a simple feedback box asking if you can do anything different. The point is to ask, without asking you are left guessing and trial and error efforts can be costly.


Improve Customer Experience


A heatmap is a tool that helps visualize where users are focusing their attention, these work for mobile applications, desktop apps, web apps and websites. It allows you to collect data on customer interaction, and is applied to each individual page or app view.

The flow of your app or website might differ from how customers experience it. The heatmap gives you a very advanced intimate view into your customers actions, see the hotspots and follow their journey. You can build a flow diagram from this and see if certain services or information should be more prominent.


Analyze Your Competition


There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s market research. The information gained is also useful for improving user experience. You might not have a large customer base yet or maybe your customers are not providing enough feedback despite asking.

Look into what your competition is doing, what products or services they provide and even their strategy. This can aid you in developing your own strategy to deliver the user experience your customers actually want.

We understand this all takes effort and can leave businesses lost with how to utilize all the data and feedback effectively. At Axis Software Dynamics we are well versed in how to crunch all these numbers and produce strategies that convert users into customers. Contact us and let our team help you provide a user experience that will keep your customers coming back for more!