How Intuitive Is Your Web App? 5 Benefits of Ongoing User Experience Improvements


User Experience

Business owners understand that applications are not to be deployed and forgotten, there should be constant improvements to the code base and the user experience. Web applications are powerful when implemented correctly. Get web applications done right the first time, as there is no one size fits all they need continued monitoring from a reliable team to see where improvements can be made.  

Adapting to how users are interacting with the app can produce impressive results, here are five of the most important benefits of ongoing user experience improvements. 

Customer acquisition


Having an intuitive and easy to navigate application can provide a competitive advantage. It makes it more likely for the application to be recommended to others by current users and having a well-designed UI can often offset a customer deciding just on the price point of a service. 

Customer retention 


Just as important as acquisition of customers, retaining them can yield great long term business integrity. Ongoing improvements to the UX, looking at how customers are interacting with the application and streamlining the process they go through to use a service will make it more likely for them to return. 

visual consistency 


Related to the UI but important to UX as well, keeping things consistent makes everything look and feel more professional. The web application might be the first interaction a customer has with your company, make sure they can extract the information they need and perform the tasks they want to with minimal effort. 

Useability improves when application elements have consistent font sizes, colors, button shapes and so on. The user spends less time learning how to use the application and more time focusing on the service in front of them. 

increase customer conversion 

The less time a user has to think about things the better, it allows for easier flow onto the next step and the end result. Improving the UX by reducing the information they have to enter or fields needed to fill in and creating simple click options can vastly improve conversion rate.

Reducing the number of clicks and information to be entered relieves any thought about the effort required to use a service, be aware of how many interactions and actions it takes for a user to get from start to end result and see a big effect on conversion rate. 

understanding your customer base 

Monitoring how users are utilizing the application can provide some useful insight that may not have been thought of during the design phase. Users might be doing things differently or looking for certain information more than previously thought, this is where businesses can improve their service by providing what users want faster. 

The less a UI needs explaining the better, understanding what is confusing for a user or what they want allows you to improve these features or bring certain information to the front of the application. What you think users might be interested in or is most important might not always be the case from a customer’s perspective, continued improvement of UX has insurmountable benefits. 

Web applications allow for continued development and updating which makes them an important long-term business strategy. To find out more about other benefits and how we can help you achieve your goals, call us at Axis Software Dynamics at (469) 535-7500. You can also visit us online at to get information about all of our services.