Customized Software Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive


There is a misconception that custom software is always an expensive option, but that isn’t always true. If you look at general challenges and general situations then off-the-shelf software (OTS) does an ok job, but doesn’t always do exactly what you need and multiple solutions might be employed to cover this.

Custom software doesn’t require multiple licenses or have a cost per install, it does not even have monthly subscriptions. Once it’s developed it’s yours to distribute between your organization, multiple people can use it on multiple devices without worrying about extra costs. This isn’t the only way that customized software can be more affordable.


Set a Budget


Always go to a development company with a budget, a rough figure of what you’re willing to spend is better than none. It gives them a good starting point and idea to work with, and be upfront and honest about your requirements and budget.

You can also search around for a rough estimate as to what your software might cost. Every project will incur different costs, but a trustworthy company will try to work within your budget and provide what you need.


Find a Trustworthy Developer


Find a developer who specializes in what you want. Use a company who is experienced in developing projects similar to yours, this will reduce costs through time saved and their work efficiency. They will already have an effective workflow in place, and be familiar with what is involved to develop your idea in a faster time frame.


Think Long Term Value


Custom software may have maintenance costs but these become negligible, consider for example the cost of renewing multiple licenses every year for OTS software. Everything spent becomes an investment into your own software, rather than renting a software. Custom software is mostly developed to integrate into your workflow seamlessly, it has less of a learning curve and will save costs on any formal training that might otherwise be required.


Custom Software Vs Prepackaged


You can argue that prepackaged software doesn’t come with maintenance costs, and custom software development has too many extra costs like an architect, QA testers and UI/UX developer for example. But when you start to think about renewing multiple licenses, training, no say in updates and something that doesn’t truly fit your company, custom software becomes the better choice.

All companies find themselves using multiple software solutions. That is because OTS is mostly designed to handle one task or one step in a process. Though they can do it well, it can be troublesome when data handling comes into the equation. A custom solution aims to streamline a whole process, and cut down wasted time and money.


The Bottom Line


Custom software is bespoke and fitted to your exact requirements. If created by a dependable development team, you get a piece of software that is made to seamlessly integrate into your business workflow.

A way to cut down costs further is to find an all encompassing team, and that is what we provide at Axis Software Dynamics. We are with you throughout the whole process from design to deployment and beyond. Contact us if you’re looking for a reliable development team that can work within a budget, and see that custom software doesn’t always need to be expensive!