Custom Apps Vs. Pre-Made Solutions: Why Custom Wins


If you’ve got a problem or need a solution then 9 times out of 10 there’s already an app for it. But does it do everything you want and actually solve your problem effectively? There are an uncountable number of desktop and mobile apps, these are often clever solutions and effective in themselves. However, if you need an app for your business they are not always the right solution for you.

If you need an app for your business, invest in a custom built solution. Pre-made apps can often leave you wishing there was more or trying to utilize multiple applications to compensate.

The Pre-made Problem

One of the first arguments is price point. A pre-made app might be cheaper and have less commitment, but this shouldn’t be a deciding point. You get what you pay for, or rather don’t get what you don’t pay for when you buy a pre-made app.

Functionality and redundant features. Pre-made apps are trying to be ‘one size fits all’ solutions, this often leaves some features lacking in functionality and many that go unused. You might find some are hidden behind paywalls or are add-ons too, and this starts becoming convoluted.

If features are missing, you will be left trying to find another solution to fill this gap. This results in more licenses, more subscriptions and more apps to be switching between which becomes damaging to productivity.

Have it Your Way

You could argue that using multiple pre-made solutions can work. But why sacrifice productivity, efficiency, scalability, usability, security and profitability. All of these points are improved when using a custom app solution, it’s tailored specifically to your requirements after all.

A custom app brings value to your business. It’s a valuable asset to your employees, by providing bespoke tools they need to accomplish their daily tasks. It will also bring value to your customers, and custom apps can give you the ability to provide an enhanced service with all the custom features.

Scalable, pre-made apps only get updates and improvements when the developing company decides to. Troublesome for businesses that suddenly see growth or want to expand. Custom apps can keep up with the businesses scope, notifying the developing team can allow for expansion and new features to be added.

A very important aspect is security and data. Custom apps can fortify your data, allowing for solutions to include on site storage or large business authentication control for the access to data. Specific security features can be developed to protect anything; this custom security is impossible with pre-made apps.

Does it Really Matter

Yes, custom apps offer everything you need and possibly will ever need. Some pre-made solutions have good features and are useful, but they won’t compare to have something tailored to your business. A custom app allows your business to be agile, staying ahead of the competition with a custom built solution that they can’t get.

Empower your business and your employees, give customers an enhanced and personalized experience. Evaluate what you want to achieve and streamline your business, deciding what you require is up to your specific needs.

If you are wondering how a custom app could help your business contact us at Axis Software Dynamics today. We can provide assistance and support from the planning and design stage till long after completion, giving you a bespoke solution to propel your business forward!