Still Using Manual Process? 6 Internal Processes You Can Streamline with an App


Streamline Internal Processes

An internal process is just a set of repeatable activities that are completed in a specific order. This sort of process doesn’t need to be done manually anymore, and shouldn’t be either. There are many internal processes of a business that can be streamlined with an app, it might seem costly but it’s a worthwhile investment long term. The application will pay for itself and the time and money saved outweighs the initial investment.

Order Management

This is one of the top time savers for a company when streamlined with an app. Order forms and related material can all be digitized and then accessible via the internal system. Admins and customer service staff can retrieve documents quickly. There is the added benefit of not only hours saved doing menial data entry, but a reduction of human error that arises in manual entry.

Finance And Accounting

Often there are software solutions in place for finance and accounting teams. But a custom business application could streamline all processes and include other activities you might not have thought could be. Not only the usual invoicing, payroll and bookkeeping can be included. An application can also handle expense reporting and even analytics. This sort of data can bring about some useful information, which can lead to even more money-saving decisions.


Reporting for finance was mentioned above but this isn’t the only place in a business that you want reports from. This can be implemented into a custom desktop app or even a mobile app for business for a multitude of teams. This functionality can empower employees to make reports on the go. Ensuring all necessary data is included and accessible in the system to who needs to view it.


This might not be often, but onboarding eats up a lot of time. There are many stages involved and it’s important to not only save time and streamline the process for your teams but also for candidates. You might be in a position to onboard multiple personnel, and automating and streamlining this with an app can make the whole process a good experience for all.


You might be in a position to onboard multiple personnel, and automating and streamlining this with an app can make the whole process a good experience for all. Graphics, data points, and then their own content all need to be collated and structured into a well-designed campaign. Automating and streamlining some or all of this internal process can free up marketing teams’ time to work on more campaign ideas and explore other media ideas. They can in turn execute a high volume of campaigns.

Data Collating And Analysis

Marketing, finance, orders, reporting, and other areas can all collect beneficial data. Streamlining and digitizing all these internal processes allows data to be collected all across a business. As we all know, data about the internal workings of a business can be the most beneficial. Being able to cross-reference data from marketing and orders for example and side by side compare numbers, can help all teams and higher ups make crucial decisions.

You might find yourself with paper in hand, piled up on desks or office space cluttered with walls of folders. This could be a sign that you need to streamline some internal processes.

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