Website API Integration: Grow Your Business With APIs


website api integration frisco txAs a business owner, you probably think you’re doing everything you can to succeed in today’s technology-heavy business environment; but if you’re not using website API integration, you’re missing out on one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

Keeping Up With The Competition

Some of the basics of keeping your business competitive in the 21st Century include working with a website development firm to create a website for your business that you can control and update yourself when necessary, being able to run your business – and let your clients access your business – from a variety of mobile devices, using cloud-based applications and having online tools that track every dollar you spend and every dollar you make.  But with APIs or application programming interfaces, you can go above and beyond the basics to create a website that doesn’t just keep up with the competition, but that soars above it.

APIs Make A Difference

An API is a piece of computer code that allows different software applications and databases to easily communicate with each other. Consider that an API is like a power outlet that connects two parties – the business owner and the consumer – and that allows each one to tap into the power or value created by the other. The consumer gets the product and the business owner gets the revenue. This ability to benefit both parties is the reason that website API integration is a powerful business-growth driver. Uber is the perfect example of how APIs make a difference. Not only has the app-based company made billions of dollars and trounced its competition using digital technology, it has also opened its API to complementary companies like TripAdvisor and Open Table. In this way, Uber is extending its reach to customers who may be accessing other entertainment or dining websites but who also have the option to take advantage of Uber’s services.

Ways You Can Use APIs In Your Business

▪ To create fresh distribution networks. With millions of companies doing business online, competition for new customers is fierce. You can give yourself a leg up on your rivals by using an API on a blog or website related to the product or service you offer. The API will allow those who run the blogs or websites to have access to information about your inventory or services that they can share with their visitors, which will, hopefully, turn those visitors into buyers.

▪ To give customers access to your business all the time. Traditionally, the only way customers have access to information like order tracking and inventory is by contacting a business’s customer service department. With website API integration, you can give your customers a portal through which they can access information they need from your internal data systems 24 hours a day without the need for customer service man hours.

▪ To offer new services. Depending on the type of business you have, you may be sitting on a storehouse of data or information that you’ve been collecting that can be utilized by other businesses or organizations for a variety of reasons. APIs can give others a way to access this information, which will open up a new source of revenue for your business.

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