Custom Application Development: Start With WordPress


Custom Web Apps with WordPress

custom application development frisco txSo you and your company want to look into custom application development? Perhaps you need to build an app through which you can interact with your customers, or through which you can offer your company’s products or services. No matter what you want to build, WordPress could be the application you use.  Here are a few ways skilled software developers can use WordPress to help you:

  1.  Basic WordPress Building Blocks

Most people know WordPress as a blogging platform and content management system and little else. Even within those parameters, WordPress has a number of uses for a business. First, because WordPress is built to make text sections and design sections easier to integrate with each other and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. When you are looking for the basics of custom application development, you should use WordPress’ basic website building blocks for an uncomplicated website.

  1. WordPress Modifications

One of the advantages of using WordPress for web development is that WordPress has lots of built-in functionality and is relatively easy to modify. It offers the ability to build custom user interfaces and posts, meaning its uses can extend far beyond simple pages and blogging. There is also a large community of WordPress users developing plugins for the platform. Some of these will help you to build your own suite of tools while building your web apps.

  1. Use WordPress Multisite

One of the most powerful parts of using WordPress is using WordPress Multisite, which allows you to launch multiple sites off of your main website. While this may not be an appropriate tool for a small business that only requires a streamlined and elegant site, it can be essential for a business which is, for example, franchising over a large area and wants to maintain separate websites for each location. Multi-site offers a number of different options for the business which requires separate sites in one interface.

However you end up using WordPress in your company’s web development endeavors, you should always set it up with the help of experienced web developers who can help you and your application use all the power and digital elasticity at your disposal. You want to be sure that your custom application development suits you and your business.  For more information, call Axis Software Dynamics today at 469-535-7500 or visit their website at!