4 Web Web Developer Misconceptions


web developer plano txWhen you make the decision to have an online presence for your business, you’re likely going to try to find the best web developer to create and implement your new website. Unfortunately, as a business person who wants fast results and who probably doesn’t understand the complexities of web development, you may be setting yourself up for serious frustration if you don’t recognize that web development has its own unique set of difficulties. Here are 4 of the most common misconceptions about web development that business owners have:

1 – Web Development Is Easy

Just because even the smallest business seems to have a website, that doesn’t mean it was easy to develop.  Somewhere, a web developer toiled for days, weeks or months to get that website up and running. When you ask your web developer to give you a multi-page website with a login procedure, online payment capabilities, a blog and more, you should understand that he or she won’t be able to accomplish that in one day  Web development is time-consuming and complicated.

2 – Websites Are A Commodity

With the plethora of off-the-shelf templates available for making websites, you may think of your site as a commodity that you can buy without thinking about it. However, if you are serious about making your business succeed online and you want to connect with your customers in the right way, you’ll take the time to work with a professional web developer to have your own unique website that will function for your specific purposes and that will give your customers an experience they can only get from your site.

3 – Once A Site Is Built, It’s Done

Web developers understand that when you spend a significant portion of your operating budget to create a website, you shouldn’t have to worry about it ever again. While this may be true for some things you’ve spent money on, it isn’t true for a website.  Once your site is launched, it will have to be maintained. Depending on the size of your company and the complexity of your website, you may need constant monitoring of your site for functionality. At the very least, you’ll need security updates and fresh content for search engine optimization.

4 – Business Owners Should Micromanage Their Website’s Development

Just because you know what works for your business, that doesn’t mean you know what works for your business’s website. You must trust your web designer and web developer to create a site that will attract visitors. Both of these professionals will take your vision into account but you must let them do what they do best without micromanaging them. They’re knowledgeable about website structure and what turns visitors into paying customers.

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