Do You Need A Web Developer Or Designer?


web developer frisco txIf you’re in the market for a new website for your business, you may not be sure if you need a web designer or a web developer. These days, the two terms are used interchangeably; but the fact is that web designers and web developers work together to create websites for business owners like you. If you’re lucky to find the right, talented person, you may even get a web developer who’s also a web designer. Either way, it’s a good idea for you to understand what the difference is between a web developer and a web designer.

The Difference In A Nutshell

Web design refers to the aesthetic aspect of web design – the part your customers will see. Web designers use programs to create layouts and other visual elements of websites and they ensure that the websites are user-friendly. Web developers then take the website design and build a functioning website from it using a variety of programming languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Web Designers Are The Architects

A web designer works with clients like you to find out what you want in, and from, a website and what your aesthetic ideas are. He then puts together a plan for your website in the form of a site map. The site map is a list of all main topic areas, as well as sub-topic areas, of a website and serves as a guide to the content that will be on the website. The site map is essential in developing an easy-to-understand and consistent navigational system that will give your site’s end users – your customers – a great experience on your site. The next step is the look of your website. Here your web designer will take into account your target audience plus elements that strengthen the identity of your company on your website like your logo and colors. His main goal is to achieve a balanced and unified layout that has the right color combinations, font choices, images and navigational tools.

Web Developers Are The Builders

The web developer takes the finished web design and builds – or programs – a fully-functioning website from it.  This is typically done by first developing the home page, followed by a “shell” for the interior pages. The shell serves as a template for the content pages of your website because it contains the main navigational structure for the site. Once the shell has been created, the developer can take your content and distribute it throughout the site and then turn a static design into a dynamic website with the addition of images and content sliders, “active” states for links and buttons and other interactive elements. During this phase, elements such as the content management system (CMS), interactive contact forms and ecommerce shopping carts are implemented and made functional. After all of the elements are in place, the web developer will test your website to make sure that everything works the way it’s supposed to before finally delivering it to you.

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