Create An Effective Website With The Best Web Developer


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If you’re thinking of giving your business an online presence, you’ll need the professional help of a web designer and web developer. At Axis Software Dynamics, we know web design and development and we can make sure that your business’s website is not only functional but attractive and one your customers will want to visit over and over again. Web design is one of the basics of creating a website and it just means figuring out how your website will look and function for your users. And when you work closely with us at Axis Software Dynamics to make decisions about the layout, colors, graphics, etc. for your website, you can let your creative side run wild though there are some things you should keep in mind:

You may love graphics like photos and illustrations but they must be kept small – no larger than 10 to 12KB each. This is important because larger graphics take longer to load and your potential customers have too many online options to wait and wait and wait for that to happen. They’ll move on to another website if they get bored.

Avoid graphics that blink, flash, strobe or do anything else that might annoy your viewers. You may think that a flashing button is a great way to grab their attention but, in reality, it will likely cause people to quickly click away from your website.

Don’t be too experimental with your page layouts. It’s best to stick with standard layouts – like three-column layouts – because they are effective. Your viewers likely won’t want to have to scroll to the right to read all of your page content nor will they want to figure out which of the 7 or 8 frames on the page they’re supposed to look at first.

Don’t forget white space. Leaving some white or blank space between graphics and text blocks is important.  Think about some of the busy-looking websites you’ve visited and how difficult they were to focus on.

Choose fonts wisely. Your web design will suffer if you try to mix too many different fonts on your website. Stick with 2 or 3 different fonts if you must have variety and remember to leave the serif fonts (the ones with the lines tailing from the edges of the letters) for headlines and the sans-serif fonts (no serifs) for text.

Add content to your site that will interest your viewers. Even if you add a blog to your website, it must be interesting to other people, not just you. And make sure to keep content fresh by adding to your blog on at least a weekly basis. Your web developer will tell you that updated content will get your site noticed by the major search engines like Google.

At Axis Software Dynamics, we can work with you to design a website for your business that not only reflects your taste and interests but that will also be highly functional for your customers. To get the help of a professional web designer and web developer, call us at Axis Software Dynamics at (469) 535-7500 or visit us online at