Web Application: Does Your Business Need A Mobile App?


web application frisco txAre Mobile Apps Right For Your Business?

Deciding to develop a mobile web application for your business is a big decision, especially if your business is a small one. It can take a significant portion of your operating budget and it can take some time to accomplish, even for a seasoned web app developer. The problem with sitting on the fence when it comes to deciding on a mobile web app is that many of your competitors have already made the decision to take the next step in growing their businesses; and those competitors will attract the customers you want and need to grow yours.

Remember When You Didn’t Think You Needed A Website?

Fifteen years ago, many businesses didn’t think they needed websites. They had brick-and-mortar stores, newspaper advertising and word-of-mouth customer references. Today, most businesses have some kind of presence on the worldwide web, whether it’s a fully-functioning website that lets customers interact with customer service and order goods or it’s used simply to post information about a business or organization. If you were in business then, you might have been one of those who didn’t think they needed a website for their business; but today, you know better. Millions of people access the internet on a daily basis, expecting to find the products, services and information they’re looking for online. The businesses that can accommodate that are the ones that succeed.

Your Customers Are Using Their Mobile Devices To Access The Internet

According to the statistics portal, Statista.com, there are over 4 million mobile web applications in use around the world with more being developed every day; and according to the digital analysts at GSMA Intelligence, there are more than 7.7 billion mobile devices in use around the world – more than the human population of the planet. Customers no longer have to carry laptops or sit at their desks to get what they need online – they simply pull out a smartphone or a tablet wherever they are and connect with the product or service they want; and mobile web apps make it easier for them to have a customized, streamlined experience online.

Don’t Wait To Develop Your Mobile Web App

Even though you know a mobile web app can deliver you what your traditional website can’t – biometrics, geolocation, cameras, sensors, 3D gaming and more – you may still be reluctant to pull the trigger because you want to wait for the next great innovation in web apps. To make the decision to develop an app now less complicated, ask yourself if it would be easier to get a hundred thousand people to find and download your new app when you finally have it up and running or to get a hundred thousand people who have already downloaded your web application to upgrade it once you add the next great innovation?

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