Web Application Development: What a Web Developer Does


web appilcation development frisco txWhen your business needs web application development, you’ll deal with a team of designers and the developers who write the code that makes your site work. Web application designers and developers take the time to meet with you and understand your business goals, competition and target audience. Once you’ve approved a plan, the website development team puts together a prototype for you to look over. You’ll be able to make corrections before the application goes live, and the developer can fine-tune the coding for the site.

What’s the Difference between a Web Application Developer and Web Designer?

A web designer concentrates on the creative look of the website: the colors, graphics, text placement, color scheme and flow of information. When the client approves a designer’s initial work, the web developer takes over.

Experts in web application development turn a designer’s creative ideas into an interactive web page. They set up the user interface and do all the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the website running without interruption. A web developer analyzes the web designer’s template and determines the right code to make the website function. A website developer’s job is never really done. Even if the site runs perfectly when it first goes live, glitches sometimes occur and the web developer must be available to fix any problems that slow down the site or make certain parts of it (such as the shopping cart) inoperative.

Web developers must interact with illustrators, copywriters, web designers and other individuals contributing to the website. They need to know many different computer languages to bring a website to life. There are a few thousand computer languages, with more developed every year. A web application developer constantly studies new technologies to improve website functionality.

Web Application Development Requires Good Client Communication

When you hire a web design and development team to work on your website, it’s important to contact them on a regular basis regarding site updates. You’ll need to let the developer know when the site isn’t working properly and give clear explanations of what’s wrong via phone or e-mail. You may work with the developer in person occasionally, but most of the work will be done off-site.

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