Using Mobile Apps to Automate Business Processes


As you scale your business, one of the things you might be trying to figure out is automation. The process of automating certain aspects of your business can increase essential productivity and efficiency, minimize human error, and can even be incredibly cost-effective. Developing a mobile app to automate your business processes can achieve all of these goals as you continue to scale your business. 


When to Automate Business Processes


Ultimately, the decision on when to automate business processes will be up to you. But there are a few indicators that can help you make this decision:

  • Are you and/or your employees overwhelmed by a number of routine tasks?
  • Do certain lower-level tasks take longer than they should?
  • Is there a high level of human error on certain tasks that could be minimized?
  • Do you have several departments that work together, or remote workers?
  • Is the number of tasks difficult to manage between departments?

Take a look at your business structure and try to locate the answers to these questions. If you answer yes to several of them, it may be time to consider an automated business process.

Using a mobile application allows you and your employees to focus on more meaningful tasks. They can focus on things such as interacting one-on-one with clients, making sales, or doing their specific jobs. Processes such as inventory management, finances, lead generating, document management, sales funnels, and reporting can all be automated for the most part. We’ll focus on a few of these next.


Lead Generation Automation


Lead generation can be a tedious, although rewarding, process. Imagine your app has a free version in which a customer can follow a call-to-action to sign up for a paid service (such as a thought journal which aims to bring on coaching clients). Automating this process might look like simply allowing the client to book and pay for a session directly on the site, after which time they’re sent an onboarding packet with information from the app directly filled out. Streamlining this process as much as possible encourages the user to complete the sign up and become a paid customer. 


Automate Customer Service


As is the case with most businesses, you’d probably be out of a job without your clients. Simplifying customer interactions has a significant impact on your customer service. For example, a chat bot on your app can help customers to get the answers they need quickly, or direct them to the appropriate department to assist them. If your business uses bookings and schedulers, you could easily implement an automatic scheduler on your app to allow customers to book appointments directly on their phone, wherever they are. 


Efficiency and Error Minimization


Using a mobile approach to business automation allows for quick and easy access to everything you, your employees, and your clients need. You can securely store, retrieve, and manage data and documents across your departments from anywhere in the world. Also, you can receive real-time updates. Because these updates are automated, you’ll not only receive them faster, errors are minimized. This leads to greater efficiency and business optimization and provides your business with greater operational flexibility. 

Ultimately, not every business does everything the same way. That’s why your mobile app and automation processes should be tailored to your specific business needs. If you have questions about how to build a mobile app for your business, or if you’re ready to dive into development, we can help.

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