User Experience Matters: 5 Trends to Spot This Year


User experience trends are a big focus point for every company. The reason it’s so important and should be focused on is that it’s there to provide a positive experience to the users. It creates a pleasant experience for users that aims to keep them loyal to the brand or product and it allows you to create a meaningful journey and interaction.

User experience is how the user feels during their interaction with a system, you can define the journey they take and ensure their experience is a positive one. There are key trends to spot this year; they will be crucial to ensure your customers experience with your product or brand is memorable.


VUI in the UX Process


Voice search is related to the user interface, but it goes hand in hand with UX. It’s not just about using voice to search, there is always the element of interaction which is where UX comes into play.

There are statistics to support this trend and system personas will become a big part of voice search. Siri, Bixby and other voice assistants provide audible and visual feedback to the user. Creating a pleasant user experience and determining how the system should ‘speak’ with vocals, accents, tone and vocabulary will be critical to UX.


Brand Voice and UX Microcopy


Microcopy helps to guide users and engage them in the content presented, creating a virtual guide leading the user on the journey through your service or product. Microcopy in UX is an ever-growing trend, the small snippets of text need to display information concisely.

An example would be button text, you only have one or two words to convey what it’s doing. This is where UX microcopy comes in, think of a button that changes from ‘apply’ to ‘applied’ and greys out. This gives very good visual feedback to the user and shows the action is complete without questioning their action.




Points, progress bars, badges and more. This mechanic provides a rewarding experience to users and a sense of accomplishment for doing simple things. Following on social media, signing up to a newsletter or purchasing can all give rewards to users. The benefit is engagement, which is the main focus of UX and a great way to get customers more involved in your brand.




We hit a time when there was too much on a screen, stacks of ad bars, 4 popups plus live chat boxes. It became a joke and UX suffered, starting from the basics and keeping it basic will be a trend to spot this year. Users hate busy screens now and looking forward we should be focusing on that.

Combine elements like the button mentioned above, why have a button and notification when it can be done in one button? Understand your users and provide a minimalist UX to present your brand in a clean modern way.


Mobile Comes First


Daily time spent on mobile has skyrocketed while desktops have declined. Projected to be 275 minutes per day in 2023, focusing on mobile UX first and having a responsive and fast service is going to propel brands in the upcoming year.

Here at Axis Software Dynamics, we do our research to ensure we keep up to date on top trends and implement all these aspects into our service. Contact our team today to discuss the trends and how we can help you and your brand succeed.