Types of Custom Software: Explained


What do we think of when we say custom software? We think of a bespoke solution that solves a certain problem. The creation, design, and deployment can differ greatly depending upon the industry but even custom solutions can be broadly categorized.


E-Commerce Software


This is possibly one of the biggest areas that custom software is developed for. A website with a payment gateway isn’t enough anymore. There needs to be that little extra utility or service for customers. Customers come for the products but they stay and return because of the service.

E-commerce businesses have very specific requirements and the majority of these can only be met with custom software solutions. This is evident where most off the shelf solutions are actually a suite of micro service solutions rather than one broad solution. It shows the custom route would be a better solution than chopping and changing many smaller solutions.


Customer Relations Management


More widely recognized by the acronym CRM, these software solutions help track not only customers but also the businesses the company works with. They go further than this though, also tracking referrals and potential customers along with other vendors too.

CRM software solutions have a good array of general solutions available. But many of the common ones have the usual issues of needless features or redundant functions and others that aren’t implemented because it’s seen as too niche. CRM tools are too valuable to not do everything you want. Customers are the base of any business so a custom solution is the better way to go.


Content Management System


Content management systems have been an absolute god send for businesses. They enable you to dynamically update content on websites without any down time or extra development. This is especially effective for multiple industries that use blogs, news, videos and other visual content that might need to change sometimes daily.


Operation Management Software


Businesses aren’t always looking out at external factors. Optimizing internal operations can be the best way to increase revenue and efficiency. Automating business operations and having custom software developed to streamline workflows are the most popular areas.

Operation management software aims to ensure it implements the most efficient and effective solution. It’s developed specifically to make workflows and operations the best they can be.


Enterprise Software


These custom software solutions work towards boosting revenue streams and overall covering any requirements of a business’ needs. They focus on the organizations and provide useful metrics and statistics to enable data driven decisions.

Automated billing, document creation, payment processes and inventory or product catalogs are just a small selection of the areas that benefit from custom solutions. This one seems like the broadest generalization and can make it difficult to decide what might be right for your business.


Luckily Axis Software Dynamics is on hand for you. Not only are we an established custom software development company but we can also help in advising and discovering what will work best for you and your business. Get in touch with us, and we can help you throughout the entire lifecycle of a custom software solution!