The Ultimate Guide to Some of the Best Applications for Web to Consider in 2022


Web applications are becoming highly advanced tools. With the backend support of frameworks like Angular, REACT, Vue and more they are pushing the boundaries of almost acting similarly to mobile applications. This is no surprise since they should be optimized towards mobiles more than desktops.


5G Integration


Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Experts are expecting the implementation of 5G to change everything. Let’s look at what 5G is bringing to the table:

  • Low latency (we’re talking under a millisecond)
  • Connection density
  • High Bandwidth

These are a recipe for innovation. These solve many of the current limitations of 4G, it’s not just a step up it’s almost 10x better. 5G would bring AR and VR new possibilities in the space, advancing development and bringing it to mobile, desktop and web applications.




Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning is on everyone’s cards going into 2022. A good utilization of this is using it in customer facing areas, chatbots have been known to improve customer satisfaction, problem solving and retention. They can provide 24/7 support, and solve general issues without the intervention of a person.


Smart Receipts


Go paperless and be good for the environment. So many businesses have a website, mobile app, web app or all three! There isn’t a need for physical receipts anymore, and these often get lost or thrown away without a glance. Storing smart receipts can solve many issues and allow for any problems with products or services to be resolved faster. Digital proof of purchase that can be checked remotely and remove the need for a paper counterpart.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)


More and more companies are looking towards this technology for their web applications. It functions much like the usual mobile app, but does not require to be downloaded. They are gaining popularity as they can be accessed offline with all the features and can reliably be accessed from anywhere on any device.


Single Page Application (SPA)


This is a technology that will see more adoption with the introduction of 5G. The power of an SPA is enhanced with low latency and high bandwidth to work with. This technology focuses towards engagement, and it aims to hold the users attention by not switching to separate pages. Change the content instead of the layout, it’s a dream from a UX perspective. They are faster and more responsive, working without server side codes and rid the need for the server downloaded pages from the usual clicks on the page.




Augmented reality is big for many industries. It provides a new way to present products and gives customers a better idea of what they’re buying. L’Oréal, for example, is already taking advantage of this technology. With the introduction of 5G this will become more readily available to everyone. Virtual reality is in a similar spot, the real-estate industry could be dramatically changed, allowing people to view properties or even houses yet to be built!

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