Technology That Drives Today’s Business Is Within Reach


All businesses need technology to thrive in the digital age. But, even if you are in the business of selling tech, making sure that your company runs on the most effective (and affordable) software and hardware may be outside of your expertise. But, there is some technology that you can’t be without. Thankfully, you don’t have to have a degree in IT to outfit your organization with what it needs.

Here are a few common-sense digital devices and services that can help your business grow in a tech-centric world.


Support Is The Key


We will look at the different types of services and devices you can use in a moment. However, if you are not tech-savvy, it’s important to understand the value of tech support. Before you invest in anything, from computers to POS systems, do your research first. Make sure that your purchase includes readily available support. Be sure to give your preferred company a call at a random time just to make sure that someone is truly available. You can also check their website for the availability of 24/7 chat support via phone or video.


Services For Success


Regardless of the type of business that you have, you probably already own a website. Because of this, one of the very first things you should invest in is website security. This begins by ensuring that your host is doing what it should to keep your site safe. Make sure that they provide monitoring and plenty of firewalls and other effective cybersecurity measures. You’ll then need to acquire and activate an SSL certificate, which effectively hides data from hackers. Make sure that your site is routinely backed up and that any plug-ins, gadgets, or widgets you install come from a reliable source.

Something else to consider for your business is a mobile point-of-sale system. Whether you tend to operate predominantly online or have a brick-and-mortar location, you can expand your reach by occasionally offering your products at local vendor events. For this, you’ll need a mobile POS. Further, make sure you have the technology to accept everything from PayPal to credit cards on your website because the more payment methods available, the more likely you are to be viewed as trustworthy and professional, according to the BMT Micro blog.


Software Essentials


Services are crucial, but so too is the software that you invest in. Obviously, you need any software specific to running your business. However, you can also benefit from off-the-shelf products, such as an accounting or inventory control system. Customer relationship management software is also handy, and it ensures that you always have access to information that can help make communication and fulfillment much easier for everyone.

Software essentials can also include free apps and programs you can readily use online. For example, if you regularly send out multiple JPGs to clients and customers as part of your marketing campaign, consider using a tool that can convert JPG to PDF online for free. You can find useful software to help with all aspects of your business — just do a little digging!


Helping Hardware


Technology is not just limited to online and cloud-based services and software. There are many pieces of physical equipment that might help you build a better business. A few of these include:

  • Tablets. Many businesses use iPads, and for a good reason. These portable and powerful notebooks can help you plan, give your staff an easy way to take online courses, and can help you with many business services, including graphic design. In many cases, your iPad can also be used as a second monitor.
  • Cameras. While many tablets and phones take great pictures, if you are in e-commerce, a semi or professional-grade camera can’t be overlooked. Humans rely on visuals, and the images you put on your site should be of the best quality. The Story Powered blog asserts further that good photography can make it easier for people to make a buying decision when they aren’t up close and personal with the product.

20 years ago, none of us could have predicted exactly how much technology would matter. Today, we all know that it does, but even those of us that make and sell tech for a living don’t always appreciate the value that it brings to our own businesses. Don’t let your business fall behind. Upgrade your technology today so that you can continue to keep up with your customers.


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