5 Things You Need to Know About Application Frameworks


If you are in the tech industry, you will hear of application frameworks. Like any technology there are things you need to know, the software world is always advancing and frameworks are key in the development of applications today. 


Application frameworks date all the way back to 1985 when Apple first released MacApp. This framework was for the classic MacOS and used by major applications like SoftPress and Adobe Photoshop. You can see why frameworks have become so embedded in development, but before diving in here are a few things you need to know about application frameworks. 

What is Application Framework? 

An application framework is a tool to make development easier. It’s a platform for software applications to be developed which provides templates and structure. The key aspect is an application framework provides fundamental components and software libraries within itself to help define and build the architecture of an application. 

Why Should You Use an Application Framework? 

They aid in speeding up development. They make development faster, by allowing the reuse of generic aspects and modules to avoid the need to rewrite code or worry about structure. This allows developers to focus on other more critical areas. 


Applications are then better in the sense that by using an application framework you are adhering to structured development. Also being compliant with rules for development and using something that is upgradable, maintainable and follows market standards. 

What does an Application Framework Provide? 

Application framework provides structure for development of an application. This means you follow a set way for all the applications aspects to be set up. This helps with development because you can be less concerned about layout as you are following a set style. 


Modules, these are code sections that perform generic tasks or functions and can be reused when needed. They can be called with simple function calls or often only a keyword is required to utilize and implement their functionality. 

What Are Some Application Frameworks examples? 

A few modern-day frameworks: Angular, .NET, PHP, Java. You most likely will have heard of these; this is a small selection of what’s available. Choosing the right one for development can be difficult, these listed are cross-platform but there are many that are limited to a single platform. Ensure you research which is best for your project as they can vary greatly even if they are for the same platform. 

Cross and Single Platform Application Framework 

Developing an application could mean it will be deployed on a single platform or cross platform. An example is Android or IOS, there are frameworks only for either and some that work for both. 


Cross-platform application framework has the benefit of working on multiple devices and reaching a larger audience. But they have the downside of some integration issues, notification issues and the overall user experience could be affected. 


Single platform benefits are that apps have higher performance, better UI and UX but are restricted to that single platform and are often more time consuming to develop. 


You want a platform that works best for your requirements. Axis Software Dynamics is here to assist you, to help develop an application that ensures you attain your goals. Contact us today to discuss more about what application framework is right for your project.