Signs Your Company Needs a Better Mobile App


A good business needs to have an effective strategy for mobiles, it has to contain more than only a website that’s mobile friendly. Mobile apps are very accessible to even small and midsize companies, but the industry is fast developing. It’s essential to maintain an app to keep up with the market, and there are some key signs your company needs a better mobile app.


Basic Signs


Some immediately obvious signs can be shown in the statistics from the app store. Declining downloads and rising uninstalls are a good indication that the app is not up to standard.

These signs often come too late though, bad reviews can be useful sooner as users love to point out old design, bugs, functionality issues and can give a good indication your app needs some attention.


Not Up to Date With Brand Design


Your app needs to reflect your brand’s design. Colors need to be recognizable and related to your brand, and the style has to be kept updated. Outdated apps don’t get a second look anymore, and an app can be the first impression someone gets of your business. If your app is starting to look outdated, it’s time to get a reliable company to look at your UI and UX.


No Value to Customers


Mobile apps are all about functionality. An app has to do something and provide value to a user, and this can be in the form of information or a tool. Users will never open the app or even download it if there is no reason to. You need to research a customer/user’s pain point, and find what their problems are.


Your Competition Is Amping Up


As time goes on the market changes and your target demographic might alter. Your competition could notice this sooner and start implementing new functionality or updating their mobile application. Looking at what your competition is doing is a good plan, it’s an indication that you need to take action as well.


Website Can’t Support Functionality


You have grand plans to provide your customers/audience with a tool, but it doesn’t fit with your website and would be more useful on the go. Sometimes a website/web app can’t support everything, mobile apps have access to system resources and can work offline too making them more attractive. 

Offering an application that provides different value from your website can increase traffic to both as well, providing extra value to your business.


Maintenance and Difficulty Publishing Content


Eventually, apps run their course. You end up spending more money and time maintaining the mobile app, at the expense of publishing content or providing value to your customers. The original development team might not be supporting you anymore, or your in-house team is having trouble keeping up with changes.

Some functionality might be unsupported by devices now, and outdated libraries can cause havoc with features and cause them to stop working completely. Fixing bugs and improving the interface is essential, but there comes a time when you need a fresh start.


A good way to determine if you need a better mobile app for your business is to look for these signs and listen to your customers. If you need a better mobile app and notice any of these, get in touch with us at Axis Software Dynamics today. 

We have an experienced team that deals with every aspect of mobile development, and can provide your users with the value they expect.