PHP Programmer: 7 Ways PHP Can Improve Your Website


php programmer dfwWhen you’re looking for the right person to design and develop a website for your business, you should look for someone who is familiar with, and adept at using, PHP and the best PHP programmer is Axis Software Dynamics. PHP is the most popular scripting language used on the internet and we use it at Axis Software Dynamics to give you a website that is easy to use and one that also looks great. If you’re wondering exactly what PHP can do for you, here are some creative ways PHP can be used to give you the website you want:

1 – Add E-Commerce Functionality

E-commerce is one of the more common uses for PHP and if you are a small business owner, having a way to allow customers to make purchases directly from your website can increase your profits exponentially.

2 – Add Project Management Tools

If your business requires a lot of client involvement in services or processes, your PHP programmer can incorporate project management tools into your website that will allow them to track the progress of projects and give you feedback through your website.

3 – Integrate Facebook Applications

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites and it’s vital that you integrate it into your website so that you can tap into the power of social media marketing.

4 – Generate PDF Files

PHP can be used to generate PDF files, which will be useful, for instance, if you are building an online invoicing application and you want to output an HTML-generated invoice in a PDF format. The invoice can then be sent via email or printed out as a hard copy.

5 – Create Mailing Lists

Your PHP programmer can create PHP mailing lists that are an excellent way to keep your clients informed about your products or services or to make general announcements that impact them in some way. Anything your clients need to know can be included in an automated newsletter.

6 – Add Content Management Systems

As the owner of your website, you want the flexibility to be able to update and change the content of your website yourself. A PHP-created content management system can give you that ability; and you won’t have to have any knowledge of programming to use it.

7 – Create A Photo Gallery

PHP’s file-handling functions can be used to create your own photo gallery and output images in different file types like jpeg, png and gif. In addition to creating a photo gallery, you’ll be able to create thumbnail pictures, add watermarks and resize and crop images.

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