PHP Programmer Vs HTML Programmer


php programmer dallas txIf you want to create a website for your business but you’re not sure how to start, consider working with a PHP programmer. A programmer who uses the PHP scripting language can make an effective website for you that will make your business successful online. If you have heard or read anything about web development, you may have heard that the simplest way to create web pages is using HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, rather than PHP; and while HTML is easier to use, PHP offers more options for creating dynamic websites.

You Can’t Have PHP Without HTML

HTML is the oldest and most commonly-used method of creating web pages. It is simple and within a few minutes, a web developer can create a web page that contains text and one or two images. The same thing can be accomplished with PHP since its output is processed by HTML; if you inserted the same HTML code, you would also get the same result. This happens because the end product of PHP code – what gets sent to the browser – is in HTML, so the browser would get the same HTML code if you sent it as the output of your PHP script. So though you need HTML to make PHP work, you don’t need PHP to make HTML work; and PHP offers advanced features that HTML doesn’t.

The Advantages Of PHP

When you work with a PHP programmer to create your website, he’ll be able to offer you PHP features that HTML doesn’t have.  When you use HTML to code, the pages you create will always appear the same, depending on which browser you’re using.  PHP lets a coder create dynamic sections on those HTML pages, including outputting images, PDF files and even Flash movies. An HTML website is essentially static; with PHP, users can interact with your website in a number of different ways.

The Disadvantages Of PHP

Because of the additional features of PHP, its coding must be properly structured, unlike HTML, where anything you put in creates output. PHP won’t produce output if there is something wrong with the structure of your code. This makes the learning curve much steeper with PHP, while learning HTML takes less time and is more easily accomplished.

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