4 Steps To Finding A Great PHP Developer


php developer plano txIf you know that PHP, the most popular scripting language on the web, can give you a cutting-edge website, then you need to find a great PHP developer. The developer you choose is going to create the internet face for your company that the whole world is going to see, which means you’re going to have to choose wisely. Here are 4 steps you must take to find the right PHP developer for your business:

1 – Check Their Knowledge And Portfolio

Any PHP developer that you’re thinking about working with should have an in-depth knowledge of PHP and HTML. Make sure they are able to work with a variety of available plug-ins, different databases and hosting options. But since the proof of their scope of understanding PHP is in the work they’ve done, ask to see their portfolio. Take some of the websites they’ve developed for a spin and see if you like what they’ve done for other clients. If you like something specific, you can even ask them to duplicate it for your website.

2 – Make Sure They Understand Your Business’s Culture

Your PHP developer will work so closely with you and your company that they’ll essentially be an employee of your company. For that reason, you must hire a developer who understands your business’s culture, just as any other employee. Do you have a small start-up with a quirky, fun approach to the product or service you’re selling or is your company a little larger with a more straitlaced approach to business? You’ll have to make sure your PHP developer understands your business or the web development process will be fraught with frustration.

3 – Look For Adaptability

The world of computers, technology and the internet change continuously; that’s why it’s vitally important that the PHP developer you choose is adaptable and has a passion for learning about new technologies and ways of doing things.  Ask your developer which sites they look to for new information, what was the last language or skill they learned, what conferences they go to and which developer communities they are a part of. Remember that you’re looking for cutting edge and the only way to get that is with a developer who looks forward rather than backward.

4 – Ask To Meet Their Team

If yours is a small business with a limited budget, there’s a good chance you may hire a one-man PHP development team. Regardless of the size of your business and your budget, though, you can and should ask if there is a team and if you can meet them to discuss your project. You’ll be able to find out if they work alone, with one or more freelancers or with a team that’s scattered around the globe. The best answer will be that they have an in-house team that has worked together on projects similar to yours because you’ll be able to talk to them directly to discuss your expectations.

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