Online Marketing 101: Analytics and Your Customers


No doubt you have some sort of analytics implemented, it’s easy to sign up for even a basic one. But signing up to one isn’t the end. Whatever marketing analytics monitoring you’re using can help you to track many things about visitors.

Being able to understand what your analytics is telling you about your customers is invaluable. Data can help you optimize your marketing strategy or adapt certain aspects of your business to be more tailored towards your customers.

You might be looking to outsource a reliable team of professionals to provide highly curated and in depth reports of your analytical data, this is a good idea as it gives you the time to worry about the important aspects of your business. Finding a company to provide reports that easily show analytical numbers in a way you can understand makes creating marketing strategies around them easy and hassle free.

What are my customers doing?

Tracking the behavior of your customers can tell you many things about what they want and how they use your services or website. You can then start to see behavioral patterns and even begin to predict decisions, after collecting large amounts of data you will see useful patterns.

Patterns always emerge and repeat, data can tell you the number of customers who are using the service and getting what they want. You can then adapt the service to streamline the process to improve it or provide them with additional resources and useful information.

It’s not limited to the majority of your customers, finding out what the small minority are doing could be as beneficial. Something could be going wrong or there could be an ambiguity which is confusing visitors, improving this could then result in more conversions.

Who are they?

This is not to say track down all names, addresses and other personal information of your customers. What is valuable is discovering from your marketing analytics where they come from and how they have found your business or service.

This can help you assess where your marketing strategy is working or if you could abandon part of the campaign and apply those efforts to an area where the traffic is coming from.

Marketing Analytics Keywords

Every marketer understands that keywords are one of the most important tools. Analytics can tell you a lot about the keyword’s customers are using and searching for when they come to find your business.

Using the data about what keywords your customers are using to find your business allows you to tailor content to match these words more specifically and you use these keywords to attract more customers searching the same term.

Take some time right now to log onto your analytics provider and see if some of this information can help you identify more about your customers, or to find out what more you can do with your data contact us and discuss with our professional team how we can put together an action plan to bring out the full potential of your data today.