How Mobile Friendly are your web apps?


Is your website optimized for mobile devices? With changes and advancements in technology coming out every day, how mobile-friendly is your website? Mobile devices are often a person’s primary connection to the internet. The average person is spending over two and a half hours on the internet every day, compared to just half an hour on a desktop.  

Mobile usage is projected to keep growing, we at Axis software Dynamics provide tips for mobile optimization to help ensure your website is mobile friendly and utilizing modern techniques. 


Keep it simple. Minimalism is making a comeback; this current trend is an excellent excuse to declutter. Over time websites have features added, popups, banners, live chat, side bars the list goes on. It’s rare that website owners remove features, but this could be a good move to improve a website feel and aesthetic. 

User Experience 

Focus on responsive navigation and touch. Ensure navigation can be easily performed, single touch operations provide the best user experience. Avoid making the user need to pinch zoom or scroll sideways, this becomes messy and causes the user to become unfocused and uncomfortable. 

Design responsive elements optimized for touch input and designed to cater to different finger sizes. This can help produce smooth flow for the user and become easier for them to get to what they are looking for. 

Optimize Load Speed 

When indexing and ranking sites Google takes the speed of a site and loading time into account. This fact should be more than enough reason why you should optimize your website for mobiles. You lose visibility because your website takes a few seconds longer to load, crazy but this is the reality. 

If your website is taking 2 – 3 seconds to load you are losing traffic. There are a number of ways to fix this like order of rendering, page load strategy, compress files and cache pages. You will want a professional team to help with this; mobile optimization of a website can be effective and affordable. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 

AMP has been around for a while and has become a crucial part of website ranking. AMP is a project by Google and Twitter. The AMP plugin is there to render pages faster for mobiles. It cuts down on the HTML code tags and renders only the ones optimal and crucial for mobile users. This removes a lot of bloat code that doesn’t do anything to enhance a mobile users experience. 

Ask for Feedback 

People like giving their opinion so capitalize on it. Give visitors a way to provide feedback, explicitly ask them about the website or an aspect and listen to what the majority are saying. This tip for mobile optimization is a great place to start, feedback allows you to hone in on what is a primary issue. 

Ask yourself again, how mobile-friendly is your website and have you done the most to optimize your pages for speed and user experience? Here at Axis Software Dynamics, we want to help optimize and bring the traffic your website deserves. Contact our professional team today and expand your business further.