iOS and Android for Business FAQs, Answered


There are numerous reasons why you would want either of these. It could be for the devices, to equip your employees with compatible hardware across the company. It could be that you require a cost-effective solution that integrates with your system to provide customers with a more enjoyable experience. Maybe for creating an app and wanting a platform with more freedom to build on.

The most common questions come from compatibility, usability, and customer-focused areas. Some key aspects you have to take into account are what you want to do, and who will be using the technology. So what are some of the FAQs to be answered?


Is iOS or Android Better for Business?


This is like the age old argument of PC vs. Mac, but it’s where who it’s for comes into the equation. Are you looking at providing employees with compatible devices across the company? Or would you like to create an application that supports your field teams with reliable tools?

Apple provides a Business Essentials device management plan. No matter the size of your company, if you need 10 or 10,000 devices, Apple provides a way to integrate their technology into your existing infrastructure. 

Android is more platform/solution focused with devices integrated. They offer Android Enterprise which offers a combination of solutions and an array of Android devices to choose from.


Can iOS and Android Work Together?


This has its limitations, but to a good extent iOS and Android operating systems generally can work together. You might like your office department to be equipped with Apple’s devices. But you may need the Android integration for the custom app your floor/warehouse team uses.

You can share data between the platforms quite effectively with third-party apps utilizing cloud integration or Google’s suite of apps. If you are looking for something more than this, then you may need a custom solution that bridges all your company’s devices. Look into the compatible apps and the integration implications to consider the most effective solution.


Can You Create an App for iOS and Android?


Short answer, yes! There are reliable companies around that can provide you with an application to work cross-platform. Although they would usually use a designated language like Java/Kotlin for Android or Swift for iOS, there are languages that can allow near-native apps for both. React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin represent just a few examples of languages and frameworks that can assist with the creation of an application should you desire it.


What Is Most Cost Effective for Business?


For development of an app, there isn’t much difference. Most of the costs for developing an app are labor and design, but you have to decide your desired operating system of iOS or Android at the start. It becomes costly if you decide to change halfway through. Otherwise, you should consider one of the examples above for development on both platforms.

Device wise, Apple might come out as more expensive, but they offer out of the box devices ready to use and integrate. Android is more affordable from a solution perspective, but often requires you to have a custom solution built on top. You might have to utilize a third-party application to cover some of your requirements.

Still have more questions? Come and ask us at Axis Software Dynamics. We are well versed in solutions for both platforms and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Don’t waste time wondering, get in touch and get the answers you need today!