How to Improve Your Organization’s Workflow Efficiency


It’s vitally important no matter what position you’re in at a company to monitor the organization’s workflow efficiency. Whether you are the boss, manager, or employee, workflows can affect everyone in the chain.

Workflows are planned out a certain way, but don’t always stay the same over their lifetime. Markets change, demographics alter and even employees come and go, improving them continuously will ensure you’re always on top.


Bottleneck Fixes


The term bottleneck gets used a lot when referring to workflows. These are important to analyze and review, you can spot recurring points that are causing issues and causing slower progress. Asking a select few questions to the right people involved can identify potential bottlenecks quickly.

  • Are resources lacking
  • What processes are taking the most time
  • Are people in the right places related to their skills
  • Are software/tools outdated


Bring On the Workflow Automation


The last point above refers to software and tools. Outdated or old systems and software bloated with updates and clogged up with junk will slow down even the most efficient employee. So, maximize productivity with some fresh workflow automation tools, and free up time for employees.

Many existing processes can be automated, software and tools have become very flexible and more importantly affordable! Automation tools can be local installs, web interfaces or even server side tools to give increased computation power. Scheduling of tasks can be implemented too, to remove some of the human supervision required.


Information at Your Fingertips


Data has become a key supporting factor for businesses. But what is the point in having all of this data stored away? Making information easily accessible without sacrificing security has become much easier. Databases are fast and can be utilized by entirely new software, so no need to worry.

Empowering teams and employees with easily accessible data can save hours of time wasted hunting for resources. Guides for technology, supplier catalogs and even training material can make workflow more efficient.


Train Teams


Training teams can seem like a long and arduous process, and also time wasting itself. But the reality is that a one-day workshop or afternoon session can ensure your team is up to speed. They can then focus on the tasks at hand, and the software or any technology they have to use.

Businesses can also offer formal training options for employees too. Get them into some development programs or skill boosting training sessions. This is a good way to not only motivate employees but help them accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently.


Be Specific and Explicit


Wasting time trying to find what to do next is one of the biggest workflow downfalls. Aside from training teams, businesses should be making sure employees know exactly what they are doing. Keep team members on specific tasks in a workflow, and this will ensure consistent performance and minimize time wasted.


Implementing a custom software solution can solve many, if not all, of a businesses workflow issues. At Axis Software Dynamics, we can create bespoke solutions that optimize any businesses workflow, ensuring your business is working smarter, not harder!