How Mobile Apps Can Attract New Customers


Mobile apps are one of the most versatile tools a business can have. They can provide benefits in numerous aspects of all industries. They are now more affordable than ever too, meaning even small businesses have the ability to be competitive in today’s market. To help stay competitive you need a mobile app that attracts new customers and helps retain them too!




This is one of the most important factors and an important way to attract more customers. Having an accessible way to interact with your business helps attract customers and give them what they want right at their fingertips. Make sure they have access to your app anywhere they are and even think about online/offline features.


Solve a Problem


This is the golden egg of any mobile app. If you can offer functionality that provides a solution to a problem your business is already in an advantageous position. This goes hand in hand with accessibility described above. If they can use it to solve a problem even once, you’re likely to see that user become a loyal customer.


Provide Value


Solving a problem is one way to add value. But what’s usually just as important to a customer is information, providing this is valuable to your business and the customer. Users will look for information on not only products but the business itself too. It can help them make a definitive decision about purchasing or using your services as a business.


Help Customers Save Time


Simplicity and efficiency are the main focus here. Your app has to be simple yet effective, otherwise you will end up with a lot of uninstalls. Creating a good user experience encourages users to keep using the app, but it also attracts new users and encourages them to come back to the app. Saving customers time is saving them feelings of frustration, and businesses also need to look at the load times or waiting periods of their app too.


Exclusive Benefits


New customer benefits are one of the best ways to provide that little extra incentive to use your mobile app. Discounted offers, free trials on features and benefits exclusive to using the app. You probably have a website already, but mobile apps are breaking through providing more power and utility. They benefit by being able to utilize all the devices functionality to enhance the user experience.


Think About the Customer


When you’re trying to attract new customers to your business, take a look at mobile apps. Whether you want to update what your business currently has or require something fresh, keep these points in mind. Provide what your customer base wants, is there a utility they need? Or is there a feature that would bring users to your mobile app?


Whatever you decide, reach out to us at Axis Software Dynamics. Our in-house team consists of specialists in every aspect of mobile app development, whether you need full app development, updating of existing apps or advice. Connect with us and let’s attract new customers to your business together.