How Enterprise Software Solutions Can Be Game-Changing for Your Startup


The mention of enterprise level software solutions makes most people think of ERP, and this is not always something start-ups consider from the start. The reason is usually due to the high costs related to software like this. The development and licensing alone are evidence of that.

This doesn’t have to be the case. If you are serious about scaling your business to its maximum potential, then an enterprise level system is worth considering early. You do not need a full fledged system at the start, but you do need something that scales.

Having a modular light version that can be built up and developed as the business grows brings huge potential.


Accessible Business Data


Data is the driving force for most businesses, and it’s become so valuable that it has become necessary to keep it as secure as finances. But it still needs to be accessible and available securely! Enterprise level software solutions provide you with gated access and secure hierarchy access too. Being able to allocate permissions based on employee level, effectively means highly secure but also accessible data.


Realtime Access


Data being accessible also should imply that the time required to access data is fast. Access permissions do not affect this, but having a secure central database should mean that the data is instantly accessible by those who need it. With enterprise level solutions, this is a standard integrated and optimized for scalability.


Maximize Reliability


One of the biggest benefits that can be game changing to startups is the reliability of enterprise level infrastructure. You might have a misconception that bigger means more problems but that’s not the case. Enterprise systems are robust and optimized to obtain 99% if not 100% uptime on services, which for a startup is essential when trying to retain and impress customers.


Flexibility and Scalability


There is always talk of scaling, but it’s just as important to be able to scale down services as it is up when you are a startup. Overpaying for resources or infrastructure can have a big impact on finances. Having services that can also scale down as well as up means you can always meet the needs of your customers while controlling costs.


Improve Employee Coordination


This covers many aspects like document version control, messaging and data sharing for example. Keeping employees up to speed with each other is essential, and empowering them with a way to efficiently coordinate is invaluable to a startup and the fast paced environment.


Processes Streamlined


Streamlining processes is one of the greatest benefits of enterprise software solutions. You can manage entire process lifetimes through the software, making things like document creations and version control easy. Passing over tasks, notifying employees, document control, communication, scheduling and much more is made simple with the right software implementation.




A broad statement but integrity is ensured in many areas using advanced enterprise software solutions. Data and documentation are incredibly important to startups and big businesses, so it’s easy to see that integrity is important. Wrong or out of date information could lead to some mistakes or worse later in a process timeline.

Having a modular or light version of enterprise level software that can be built up and developed as the business grows brings huge potential. Axis Software Dynamics knows how to create the perfect solution for your business. Get in contact with us and see how we can help your startup compete on an enterprise level.