Have a Service Team in the Field? 8 Workflow Applications for Better Efficiency


Businesses are finding themselves with teams all over the world, and also out in the field in those places too. This would prove an issue without the right workflow application, finding the right one that enhances communication and efficiency is critical.

Workflow management is difficult. Optimizing one area can create a new bottleneck at another point, balancing teams and personnel to handle tasks takes a lot of micro-management. Finding the right tool to promote collaboration and communication along with data availability is what modern businesses should be looking for.




This software provides efficiency where it matters, task management and time tracking. Having personnel in the field means collaboration between teams is vital, ClickUp provides an easy collaborative feature which allows for task comments.




One of Zapiers most prominent features is it has over 2000+ integrations. This doesn’t mean this workflow application is lacking, and it promotes more adaptability and customization of workflow to suit your business needs. Combine this aspect with its workflow automation, and ability to track processes makes it a powerful tool for service teams in the field too.




Real-time collaboration team chat and time tracking for detailed reporting makes Nifty stand out. For service teams in the field that can be a real-time saver, being able to get opinions or information on demand and communicate with teams anywhere is invaluable.




This software can be found in use across multiple industries. It’s simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy to get on with. The fact that it includes a specially developed mobile application, makes it an attractive choice for businesses with service teams in the field.




Don’t worry your week hasn’t started over! Monday deserves a mention for its simple resource and task management, the timesheet tracking and the availability of gantt charts provides useful tools for service teams in the field.




They advertise no-code workflow management. Attractive in itself for businesses that want to implement an easy to use workflow solution. Coupling this with its automated processes with trigger-based workflow that provide instant notifications to teams and members in the field. This makes Kissflow a good choice for structured and unstructured workflows.


Process Maker


True to its name, ProcessMaker presents a simple drag-and-drop feature for modelling processes. Easy to edit diagrams for creating the most efficient workflow and provides an easy tool for communication with teams. Service personnel in the field can be notified of changes and create invoices, contracts and other documents inside the software promoting greater efficiency.




Another explicit name for a workflow tool. TeamWork has a plethora of features to promote teamwork and collaboration like chat windows, messaging apps and the ability to reallocate tasks. You can also reallocate resources too along with tracking them, making data driven decisions based on reliable numbers.

There’s a lot to consider here and there are many more workflow applications out there. Axis Software Dynamics is here to assist you, and we provide solutions and consulting services to aid you in these crucial decisions. Contact us and let’s work together to find a workflow solution to improve your team’s efficiency today.