Employee New Software Training and 7 Ways to Go About It


Getting Employees to Use New Software

Bringing new software into a workplace can be challenging. If you go about it the wrong way it can be detrimental to office productivity. There are steps you can take to ensure it’s as easy as possible for all involved. New technology can help in many ways, like streamlining workflow for certain teams and even boost sales. So what steps can you take to get your employee software training underway?

Try And Assess First

Do not even think about introducing new software without testing it. Assess it yourself, and you should consider a small scale test with senior staff members. Consider while testing what scale the software will be deployed to. If you aim to introduce it to a large employee base for example then user-experience should be a priority, alongside its utility and usefulness to everyone.

Take Charge

Be a leader. Get involved from the start and invest your time into learning the software alongside your employees. Be proactive and encourage people to follow you, learning and asking questions yourself will show you are committed and not an exception to the change taking place. Win them over by setting an example, emphasize that as a company you learn together including yourself.

Give a Heads Up

Email is not the best way to do this. Organize time during a regular seminar or meeting and introduce it. You don’t open it for discussion, but you don’t have to be overly firm at the same time. Everyone should be notified about upcoming changes ahead of time. If possible provide resources for employees to look into or provide a follow up informational email after notifying them in person.

State Your Case

Some employees will accept a change without issue, but others will be on the fence or even against the idea. This is where testing yourself or with senior team members can come in very useful, persuading everyone is going to take some effort. Create a compelling brief for everyone and introduce the benefits you see. It’s also good to identify possible challenges and explain how you will overcome these as a team.

Get Office Influencers Onboard

This might not necessarily be senior staff or team leaders. Identify those within your employee base who others have confidence in, approach them to help increase interest and the benefits that the new software will bring. You want those who have good communication skills, and the popularity and influence to bring others in quicker.

Offer Training for New Software

This is critical. The best software development companies will offer training for you and your employees. This is a service you should look for when choosing new software to integrate. The support needs to be there for anyone and every one, some mandatory training should be there but also extra time for those that need it.

Provide a Way to Feedback

Listening to your employees can be a great way to help get them to use new software. Similar to training, if they feel there is support and they’re being listened to it is more likely they will accept new changes. Listening to feedback can help gauge the overall consensus of employees and identify pain points quickly.

At Axis Software Dynamics we understand that implementing new software is exciting and challenging. That’s why we offer the best employee software training and support for all our products and custom software. Contact us today, and we will help your transition to implementing new software be smooth and simple.