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Ecommerce Solutions : Things to Consider

An eCommerce solutions might seem like a breeze to setup compared to the traditional brick and mortar store. But there are many behind the scenes efforts that are exactly the same, there needs to be methodical and rigorous considerations at each stage of the process.

Initial Research

This encompasses some of the most critical aspects. Once completed the following steps will help to enforce this decision, or help to decide if this needs re-evaluating. Draw up a list of some products or services you want to market, and check out the market demand for each. Low setup costs for an eCommerce store don’t justify selling at a lower rate. You want business to be busy and have a good ROI.

Target Audience

Market demand follows on to ‘who’ is your target audience. Your online presence needs to appeal to a target demographic, and you should assess who your product or service is most attractive for. This is not only about age group, there are many other aspects like geographic location, occupation, income level and even devices are factors. 


There are many proven competitor analysis methods out there. SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces, are two of the best for eCommerce. They can both help you evaluate your own business, as well as identify key characteristics of your competition. If you are entering a fairly populated market then a Strategic Group Analysis might be right for you. This will help find your position amongst competitors and allow you to assert a better strategic approach.


A website is not just your most important tool, it is essentially your whole eCommerce business. Ensure you have not only a well-designed and functioning website, but also have the hosting to support it. This can become confusing to know what service will support your business’s requirements the best. We are available at Axis Software Dynamics to answer any questions and help with setting you up on the right plan.

Credit/Payment Processing

Do not get too ahead of yourself on this step. It’s important to consider also in relation to your target audience, many of those same factors can help you determine which payment processor is best for you. It is an important factor as you want to make your product or service is accessible to a wide audience.

Stock/order Tracking

This needs to be done from your very first sale. You can do this manually or automated at a basic level with excel, or more advanced methods that once implemented streamline the whole process freeing up your precious time. You can outsource this to a reliable team who can advise and simplify the implementation and ensure your business is ready when orders flood in.

ECommerce Technology

An online eCommerce store can get overwhelming setting up once you factor in all these other tasks required. You can spend copious hours trawling through different technology to help boost your store. At Axis Software Dynamics we understand how important your time is, we specialize in sourcing the right technology for your business so you have the tools to succeed.


You probably already had an idea about this. Once you’ve done your research and identified your target audience, the next step is how to get in front of those people. Working on SEO is a continuous task. After identifying your competition, you can find what keywords they are ranking for and adapt this list to better suit your brand.


Considering starting an eCommerce business? At Axis Software Dynamics we have years of experience helping new and old eCommerce businesses get the most from their hard work. Contact us and let us help your business thrive!