First Impressions: Why You Need a Custom Web Developer


custom web developer frisco txGiving Your Clients a Great First Impression

When you meet a client face to face they judge you based on the way in which you present yourself. A well pressed suit, a winning smile, a firm handshake and an open stance says that you are approachable and trustworthy. This package leaves a lasting positive impression that your prospective client will forever associate with you. First impressions matter, and we never get the chance to repeat them. However, the smart business owner puts just as much thought into the appearance of his website, knowing that it is the client’s first virtual impression of his company. Businesses in the know will  use a custom web developer, over anyone else when they want to make a good impression.

You would never show up to an important business meeting with wrinkled pants, mismatched socks, and illegible presentation notes that are difficult to understand. Yet many companies project a similarly disheveled vibe when they allow poorly planned websites to represent them. Your website is often the first contact that people have with you and what you stand for. If your graphics are poor, or your navigation is less than intuitive, they will become frustrated. Customers who are trying to decide between you and a competitor will wonder if your lack of organization and attention to detail carry over into your business practices as well.

People are naturally drawn to websites that are visually pleasing. A quality custom web developer will be able to work with you to create a product that embodies your company’s vision. Looking good however, is only the first step. Your website should be easy to navigate, read and understand, and clearly marked with necessary information. You will want to keep frustration to a minimum, to avoid potential customers giving up on you, and navigating away to a competitor.

The best websites are ones that work for you. API integration allows you to connect with social media and the latest software, always staying in the forefront of what is important to your customers. This integration allows you to weave yourself seamlessly into the daily lives of your target audience, increasing traffic, profits, and growth for your business. Finding an experienced software developer is crucial to making the most of these platforms.

Whether you are building a website for your small business, or you require a large multi site network, the most experienced custom web developer is Axis Software Dynamics. Their software development team has the imagination and skill to meet any need. Find them at and get started building a website that will make a lasting impression. If you can imagine it, they can build it. Stop by and discover how you can be more memorable today.