Custom Web Developer: Avoid These 3 Marketing Mistakes


custom web developer frisco txYou may think that working with a custom web developer is too expensive or too bothersome and that you can get along just fine without one. The reality is that competing in business in the 21st century means knowing how to use every tool available in web design and development to be successful online because that’s where businesses are made or broken. Today’s consumers are finding what they need on the internet, whether it’s on a laptop, on a mobile phone or on a tablet and they want to find your business there, so you must have expert help to avoid these common marketing mistakes and misconceptions:

1 – Online Directories And Listings Are Sufficient

Online listings and directories can get your business some attention but the problem is that you will likely be listed along with your competitors, making it hard to stand out. You also won’t get a full say in how your business is presented, because it’s not your website. Also, listings and directories are not fully optimized for organic discovery by Google and other search engines. In other words, your potential customers will really have to dig to find you if you don’t have your own website built by a custom web developer.

2 – A Social Media Presence Works Wonders

To be sure, every business needs to have some kind of social media presence; but you can’t run your business through Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.  Social media is a great marketing tool that can engage your users, instill brand loyalty, open up a customer feedback channel and let you promote your company’s culture; however, if social media is your only online outlet for selling products or services or generating new leads, you’re going to run into some problems that include:

  • You’ll be limited to contact by users who are members of the social media outlets you’re using.
  • You won’t be able to design a custom page for your business as you would be able to with your own website.
  • You’ll encounter limited functionality, including limited calls-to-action.

3 – Drag-And-Drop Website Builders Are Fine

If you have an extremely limited budget, using drag-and-drop website builders are acceptable; but they can look patched together and they can have limited functionality. With custom web development, you can create a unique user experience, get a custom web application, get the best SEO results and get great performance. Here are some of the reasons you need to work with a custom web developer:

  • You want a great user experience and interface.
  • You want your website to be adaptable to your business’s changing needs.
  • You want your site to rank as high as possible on search engine results pages.
  • You want to add and edit content yourself.
  • Your needs go beyond basic functionality and include lead tracking/logging, email marketing automation, eCommerce and more.
  • You want a website that is built for long-term support, security and performance.

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Axis Software Dynamics provides Digital Transformation Services to guide companies through their digital journey.  Automate your business and allow for scalable business practices.  Axis’ experts document your workflow which provides a highly detailed User Experience and User Interface overview.  By creating functional prototype it much straight forward understanding the software product and business process.

About Axis Software Dynamics

Axis Software Dynamics is a Dallas Fort Worth based Custom software development company providing Digital Transformation Services for web, iOS and Android applications.   Our team of experts provide Full Stack Software Solutions leveraging:

  • User Experience Design
  • JavaScript (React, Angular, Node, Express)
  • .NET ( MVC, EF, Azure, SQL Server)
  • Java (JEE, Spring Boot, JPA, Gradle, Restful Services)
  • PHP (MVC  – Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP)
  • Mobile Development
    • Cross Platform (Xamarin, Ionic, React Native)
    • iOS Swift , Android
  • QA Automation (Selenium, Protractor)

Axis provides a full range of cloud solutions with AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, A2 and WP Engine.  Our team of User Experience professionals and engineers are experts at delivering business solutions.  These solutions leverage the latest technologies and methods for an agile development and delivery process.

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