Custom Software Development Company: What Not To Believe


custom software development company dallas txIf you are a business owner and you haven’t thought about working with a custom software development company because your off-the-shelf software seems to be adequate for your needs, it may be time for a radical shift in your thinking. Even if you are a small business owner, switching to software that is designed to work specifically for your business may be the key to increasing your profits and growing your business. Still not sure? Here are 3 off-the-shelf software “facts” you need to stop believing:

1 – Off-The-Shelf Software Costs Less Than Custom Software

While it’s true that there are some very basic boxed software options you can buy for your business that will always be less expensive than software designed by a custom software development company, the truth is that software can easily cost thousands of dollars a year or even a month when you take into account the licensing fees that software companies charge. In addition, even when costs are comparable, you should remember that you are paying for 100% of the features offered in off-the-shelf software even if you don’t need all of them. With custom software, you only pay for what you need.

2 – Off-The-Shelf Software Is Less Of A Risk Than Custom Software

For some business owners, the thought of having custom software designed for them seems risky, especially when weighed against off-the-shelf software that is a proven product. The reality is that the biggest risk is to use software that isn’t designed for the processes you use every day. Off-the-shelf software can be missing key features that you can’t add or change because you don’t own the product; plus, you’ve likely invested a significant amount of money into the same software that isn’t getting the whole job done. Custom software, designed by a great custom software development company, gives you a team who’ll work with you to deliver the right software and excellent customer support after the fact.

3 – Off-The-Shelf Software Has All The Advantages Of Custom Software

The main advantage of using off-the-shelf software is its availability. Though you may not be able to go to your local office supply store to buy custom software, it offers advantages that boxed software doesn’t.  Custom software has custom features that are designed to work the way you need them to work. It is scalable and grows with your business; and it will allow you to work more efficiently and more effectively. The bottom line is that custom software software helps your business to be more profitable and to outperform your competition.

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