Software Development: What API Integration Can Do For You


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As a business owner, there are many different programs you use on a daily basis. From accounting to marketing and even down to your email, your programs keep you going.

Just imagine if your software worked seamlessly with your programs to create one informative interface? This isn’t something out of a future film. Instead, this is API integration and Cedarwaters, your professional custom software development company.

What is API Integration?

API simply stands for application program interface. API is the language that causes different software and programs to communicate with each other.

For a simple example, when you purchase something online with your credit card, API is working in the background to ensure there is communication. Your credit card information is sent to be validated by another application which then sends the information back to the website.

For your business, you may need to incorporate various applications and software including mobile applications and web applications. API technology allows these applications to communicate seamlessly while you get things done.

What can API do for your business?

Easier Processes

With an API in place, your everyday processes can be streamlined and more efficiently completed. For example, a web application can give your sales team a better view of their current stats. Or, if you are a company with outside sales, a mobile application can aid in better sales door-to-door by giving your sales team the needed info at their fingertips.

You can also streamline your data processes by allowing APIs to do the work. For example, a customer survey web application that communicates through API can generate a report for you on your desktop, making it easier to collect, store and view.

Improve Customer Connection

As a business owner, your most important assets are your consumers. APIs can give you the ability to directly connect with your customers by giving them means of communication with you.

For example, a web application or a mobile application used by a survey company can be developed to allow customers to take surveys on any of their devices. Thus, allowing customers to do the surveys at their convenience. Easy communication equals better communication.

When you open new doors for your customers, new doors in the form of revenue can open for you.

APIs are powerful tools and can help your business in a myriad of ways. To learn more about API Integration and how it can benefit your business, call Axis Software Dynamics today at 469-535-7500 or visit us online at