Can BI Tools Really Improve Data Collection?


The short answer is, yes of course. But don’t stop reading there, because you want to know how and why they improve data collection. Let us tell you how they improve data collection, but also tell you what you need to look for to collect the right data for your business.

BI tools improve data collection not only by correct utilization, but also by collecting truly useful data. It boils down to how it can be presented too, sometimes a visual graph or directly highlighted differences between correlating data points can be most valuable.


Why BI Tools Improve Data Collection


Some people are very good at data collating and visualizing it. But data isn’t always as clean as you might think, there can be many inaccurate data points or some discrepancies. This is difficult to filter manually, even with the aid of a general-purpose data sheet.

With business intelligence, it can dramatically improve data collection by instantly omitting any out of scope irrelevant data. These BI tools help in aggregating the important data, pulling together different sources and tidying it up before it even reaches your eyes. Businesses who actively curate their data and collect relevant insights improve their quality overall.


The Data Collected by BI Tools


As just mentioned the data collected is clean and includes every piece of relevant data while also omitting the discrepancies. This is only an initial step though, the value not only lies in how clean the data is but also how relevant it is.

Business intelligence tools can collect data from some very niche areas of a business. This helps with improving the overall quantity of data collected and without sacrificing quality. The data can come from everything like customer/employee habits and every single document that passes through your system no matter how small.


Automated Business Intelligence


First word pretty much says it all, automated. One way to really improve data collection is to automate it, and this brings multiple added benefits on top of the quality of the data. Automation removes 99% of the chance for human related errors.

It’s a lot of work to manually locate the data you need, unify that and collect any other sources you might need too. Doing this can lead to some important data being overlooked, and some technically complex sources could be omitted. Automation pulls every bit of crucial or even some related data not thought of into the picture. Allowing for more time to create data sheets and reports on the go.


More Than Data Collection


There’s no doubt that there are added benefits that bring much more than just an improvement in data collection. Many businesses don’t manage to bring to fruition the full potential their data has to offer.

Much of the data is stashed away in a database and never gets to show the insights it holds. Using BI tools prebuilt, or even an optimal custom solution, improves the data collected. And empowers you to become a data driven business.


Knowing what data to utilize or even finding the right tool can be a big challenge. At Axis Software Dynamics we understand you and your data, we not only provide consulting services but also can build you the perfect tool to fit your needs. Get what you need today and contact us and ensure you are making the most of your data.