Business Intelligence Tools You’re Not Using (But Should Be)


There’s no doubt about it; you need a competitive business intelligence tool. Data is king, and that is becoming more apparent as industries advance. Business intelligence tools handle huge data sets, and can cross reference data to discover intriguing insights that might otherwise be overlooked.

More than likely you are at present using a BI tool. But you might not be using one that encompasses enough of your business data. You should be using one that helps you make well informed data driven decisions, ones to support your business for the future.


Microsoft: Power BI


This year the industry leading solution comes from Microsoft. Power BI is exceptionally powerful as you would expect from these tech giants. It assists with data mining, visualization and advanced collated reports to provide the best business insights. It includes a simple and intuitive interface, and businesses can connect various sources of data with a customized dashboard for easy viewing.


Oracle Analytics Cloud


Another tech giant to look into for your modern BI tool is Oracles Analytics Cloud. This is the leading AI powered business intelligence tool, it brings a robust analytics and reporting solution with an abundance of other features. It is more expensive compared to others on the market but with good reason, the AI is intuitive and is cloud enabled bringing immense benefits.




Highly affordable for small businesses but still powerful enough for larger enterprises. Microstrategy provides actionable intelligence from its enhanced analytics platform. The personalized real-time dashboard assists with quick glance easy to digest data, while the data visualizations give businesses a deeper look into their data.




TIBCO Spotfire is a comprehensive solution to support any size business. Some of the notable industries this tool is used for are IT, finance and manufacturing. It contains location, streaming and colorful visual dashboard analytics, giving businesses a robust solution that provides locational analytics and much more as part of its tool set.


SAS Visual Analytics


This business intelligence tool aims to be useful for all technical levels. SAS Visual Analytics is versatile and scalable which is important when using its interactive dashboards, it’s straightforward to use and provides simple data models to create and explore. Create powerful data relationships, which when visualized are easy to understand.




Another business intelligence tool that displays real-time analytics is Tableau. It flaunts impressive features making data driven decisions simple, it can process natural language queries and has a drag and drop feature. It states that the tool can go beyond trends, using its integrated AI to gain extended explanations of data to assist with business decisions.

Selecting one of these from the numerous providers available can become an overwhelming decision. Some solutions could become limitations, if not best suited to your business’ industry. Here at Axis Software Dynamics we understand that this can be troublesome, and an ill-advised decision can be costly and time consuming.

We aim to help you with consultations or custom solutions to assist with your business’ success. Contact us to get started with your new business intelligence tool today and feel at ease knowing we are here to help.