Increase Sales Leads By Building a Website with WordPress


building website wordpress frisco txSmall businesses and solopreneurs can increase their web presence by building a website with WordPress. WordPress is one of the best-known and easy to use web platforms. It’s used by newspaper websites, charity organizations and businesses of all sizes to post blogs, news updates, videos and other web content.

Many online marketing experts offer tutorials in WordPress to share their knowledge of this handy web tool. This online, open source website content management system is easily customizable for all types of businesses. Large companies, including the New York Times, Mashable and CNN use WordPress to update blogs, but so do hobbyists and personal website owners. WordPress is free to use, and it has lots of great features. You can download it if you do your own hosting at, or use if you want to use it as a hosted service.

Building With WordPress

By building a website with WordPress, you can take advantage of dozens of web content creation and blogging features. The WordPress dashboard is easy to use even for beginners. After you log in, you’ll see the dashboard home screen with several links to help you navigate across the platform. There are sections where you can view or add to the posts, tags, post categories for your site. There will be sections showing comment information, spam comments, and a list of approved and pending comments. As you look around, you’ll find recent comments that you can approve, unapproved, mark as spam or send to trash. The incoming links section will show websites that link back to your site.

WordPress is always adding plugins to improve the quality of sites for its users. You can add fonts, check SEO capability, generate an XML sitemap or add a Google analytics dashboard with WordPress plugins. There are thousands of plugins available, so you’ll find several that fit your needs. Add SEO friendly- features to attract more customers by building a website with WordPress.

You don’t need to be a coding whiz or even know anything about website building to use WordPress. Basic website building is easy with WordPress, though many beginners may need help understanding advanced options. offers instruction for building a website with WordPress. Our classes help small businesses increase sales leads and make more sales. We can teach you or your group how to use WordPress! Call us at 469-535-7500 to learn about free WordPress training!