Automation, App Development & .NET: What You Should Know Today


App based development has shown it’s now the main way businesses are solving problems and providing value to customers. Mobile devices have become the go-to platform because of their availability and ease of use. They can provide teams in the field with a powerful toolkit and connect them to internal teams. But how has this surged in popularity and what should you know about automation, apps and .NET?




Mundane and repetitive tasks are a thing of the past, anything you have to do on a computer or a mobile device multiple times can be automated. Businesses are opting for custom app development because it saves time and money and empowers your teams to work on what really matters. Some of the benefits of this might not be immediately obvious either:

  • Generate forms – Save time by auto generating documents filled with information
  • Standardize processes – Streamline processes and standardize across all employees
  • Eliminate paper – Digitize all documents quickly and create easier version control


Custom App Development


Custom app development is the way to go if you really want the best for your business. Having an application that is tailor fitted to your company’s workflow, and developed by a company that understands your personal needs is invaluable. Increased productivity and time saved are the main focus, and having automated processes enables this.

Another reason you should know about is scalability. Using pre-built solutions leaves you reliant on the developers updating the software or implementing new functionality. With a custom app if you decide to expand your business, require an extra feature or a change in workflow, then you have the option to scale the application to match your business model. This ensures the application always fills your specific requirements, otherwise you might be left hunting for another piece of software to fill the gap.


Why Use .NET Framework?


The current version of .NET is a full fledged unified development platform. That means that .NET 6 can act as a cross-platform framework, it can be used to develop mobile apps and native desktop apps. This is thanks to .NET 6‘s newest feature MAUI (Multiplatform App UI), not only this but there are now APIs available for HTTP/3, JSON processing as well as memory manipulation.

An application developed using .NET can run on iOS, Android, Windows and even be used for micro services in the cloud. But being platform independent isn’t it’s only benefit for businesses. Touching back on the point earlier about scalability in custom app development, this is why .NET is a popular choice for it. It has an object interface which allows for developers to reuse parts of the code in new areas.

Essentially it means that when you want to expand or scale your business, the developers can do this easily. They can do it without affecting the other parts of the code, and still utilize their functionality if they require it. This saves costs and time in development and provides stable, scalable and secure applications suitable for even enterprise level businesses.

This is also why at Axis Software Dynamics we utilize .NET to its fullest potential for the business applications we develop. We provide you with the functionality you need to empower your business, whilst saving costs and time providing you with a robust application that scales with your business!