9 Mobile App Development Questions, Answered


When first thinking about having a mobile application developed, there are a large number of questions to accompany the idea. The key thing is to focus on the important ones and categorize the others, many others will solve themselves by answering these main questions.


Is This Possible?


This really needs to be answered by a development team. Nine times out of ten it’s possible, and that one time might not necessarily be a 100% no (given the initial idea is plausible). It’s always worth seeking the opinion of an experienced team to find out.


Is It Viable?


Possible and viable are different. Viable would relate to if the idea would be successful or is feasible to work as intended. After finding out if it’s possible it then needs to be assessed if the idea is worth pursuing.


Will This Bring Value?


Possible, viable and valuable. Does the app development idea bring value to those who are using it or the business it’s for? Put yourself in the target user’s shoes and discover if you find it useful.


Who Is the App for?


Is it for customers or your target audience, or is this an inhouse app that could be for the team or a client facing application to support them? Working out who the app will be developed for scrubs out many vague questions for development decisions.


How Much Time for Development?


Again this really needs to be answered by the development team for the app, on average its around 7-12 months. But should be discussed as you might want to align it with a new marketing campaign or product launch.


How Often Will It Need Updates?


There are generally around 1-2 minor updates a month and a major update every few months. This depends on your feature requirements and functionality, if you want to change the design or update functionality it can affect this number.


How Much Would This Cost?


This is broad and largely depends upon your requirements. It can range from $25,000-$70,000 for a simple application, and for a complex application with advanced functionality can be in the range of $150,000-$300,000+.


Can the App Make Money?


Yes. There are numerous ways to monetize your app and going back to regarding ‘who’ the app is for can answer those. If its client or inhouse, you don’t want to stuff your app with ads and marketing! But if you are deploying for the wider audience then this is acceptable. More examples are:

  • Freemium
  • In-App Purchases (extra features)
  • Subscriptions
  • Advertising
  • Pay Per Download


Should I Outsource Development?


Definitely. If you don’t have an inhouse team and even if you do, it can be better value to outsource the development for cost effectiveness and time saving. Finding a reliable and experienced team who will be able to answer all your questions will make the development process flawless.

At Axis Software Dynamics we pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to help our clients achieve what they desire. Our full in-house team ranges from developers to UI and UX designers providing you a complete package. 

Come to us with any questions you have and let’s get all your mobile app development questions answered!