5 Ways Google Ads Can Help Your Business Rank Higher


Google Ads Helps Your Business Rank Higher

Google Ads is one of the most popular platforms for advertising. When someone is seeking a product or service it’s highly likely, their primary place to search will be google. With this in mind Google Ads can be a wonderfully effective tool for driving traffic.

Google Ads can help anyone rank higher and show up on page one. It can be challenging, ranking organically is tough when you’re competing with top SEO professionals. But how can Google Ads help your business rank higher against organic and other paid traffic?

Quality is Favored

Google Ads is not who pays the most wins. Google has stated that lots of factors affect rankings. While increasing your bid is a minor factor, Google favors quality more and you will even pay less per click if your ad quality is better.

This is excellent, it means you can create high-quality ads on a lower budget. It favors startup companies, small businesses and even single person companies. Overall, quality results in the best for everyone. You rank higher with good quality ads; it costs you less per click and your ad position can be higher solely because of quality even if someone else is paying more.

Multiple Campaigns

You can run multiple campaigns for various services or products. This is significant for covering a broader audience whilst maintaining highly targeted campaigns. Google only shows ads to people it thinks will click your ad or people who searched for a term matching your keywords.

Google takes this even further by offering you the option to have ad groups for each campaign, you can manage these groups to target different ad words. This enables you to run an array of adverts. With google analytics you can see which are performing better, then stop under-performing ad sets and focus on the ones generating the traffic.


A valuable aspect of Google Ads is the retargeting process. You can use remarketing lists, to target potential customers who have already visited your site. They are the visitors more likely to convert, as they have already shown interest in your service or product. Similarly, you can find what search term they used to discover your business and emphasize on marketing with those words more.


Google offers you multiple options for targeting including geographically.  You might be tempted to think that global targeting is the best way to go. Often targeting a specific area local to your businesses physical location is more beneficial.

If your business is solely online you can still target nationwide or even regional geographic areas using AdWords and its data. If an area of the world is more interested in your services or product, you can still target that area more specifically.

Mobile Optimized

AdWords by Google gives options for mobile optimization, for both text and image ads. Referring back to geographical targeting, a user might be outside when searching for a service or business. Most likely they would be on mobile, in the campaign settings you can target specific devices like mobile and optimize keywords for when people are roaming.

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