5 Customized Business Solutions You Didn’t Know You Needed


Businesses now require advanced tooling and systems adapted to their workflows, and customized solutions are the best choice to achieve the perfect solution. Most often the typical functionality of off the shelf solutions just don’t cover certain niche specifics, businesses need something without all the bloated features.

Finding something fast, reliable and that accelerates your business is the key to success. But usually the obvious problems get priority, and in actuality, a business solution solving a deeper issue could be the answer. So what are a few business solutions that you maybe didn’t know you needed?


Supplier Management


You’re most likely thinking about an SRM and know you need one, but this is more than the typical features and is more about the specific functionality. Your business is unique and so are your suppliers. Onboarding and supplier stock availability are common stats to track, but what about some performance tracking?

Performance tracking of suppliers can be a key factor to your business’ success. Tracking data like:

  • Wait time on order fulfillment
  • Out of stock frequency
  • Response time
  • Operating hours

These can all have a big impact on your business depending upon your industry and can make a big difference. Specific tracking data like this can only be obtained with custom software solutions.


Documentation Revisions


Aside from the general requirements such as a sequential number system and access control, what about how the revision is done itself? Apart from the version control, which denotes whether a big change has been made or a small one, you can have a system which highlights changes or notifies certain personnel about the change.


Invoice Validations


This used to be done manually, but can now be reliably automated. Many still feel that the manual process is the best way but mistakes can still happen. Having a custom software solution can ensure that every minor and important detail can be checked thoroughly. Discrepancies can be picked up faster and in the event of an error be passed to appropriate personnel, rather than manual checking of every invoice.


Training and Certification


Every business knows it’s important that employees are kept up to date with their skills. Offering training or certifications is a good way to ensure this. So, what about having a custom system that can track and issue these? Or even provide a way for employees to access certification material automatically.


Contract Management


This is crucial. Overall, many already know the value of it and seek to implement a system to manage this. But, there are deeper statistics. Data that can be drawn from contracts and custom software is how you obtain them.

Aside from optimizing contract terms and financials, you can be tracking who is consistently fulfilling their side of the contract. A feature like this could help further assess who you want to prioritize working with more and who could be at potential risk of contract termination!

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