What to Expect with Your First Consulting Services Conversation


Many still have a misconception about what a consultant really does, and even more so what to expect from a good consultant. A consultant isn’t only there to talk and give you documents. A good consultant is deeply involved and becomes an active part of the team for the duration of their contract.

They take care in understanding your business, and take on what is effectively a management role. There is a lot to expect with your first consulting service, and understanding the consultant’s role will be part of it too.


Diagnosis and Recommendation


This will come from a consultant’s experience. They’ve been in and seen many different situations and it’s an important factor of what to expect. Their experience will allow them to make an accurate diagnosis of the current situation, and then allow them to make some intuitive recommendations.


Knowledge About Your Business


Along with a consultant’s experience in your industry, they should have a good understanding about your business specifically. For the first consulting session, they will have done some general research into your business. But expect the first consulting service conversation will involve an informal discussion and assessment for deeper understanding.


Industry Experience and Passion


Industry experience is important, but a consultant who has passion for the industry wants to help others succeed. They themselves most likely come from a successful background with a proven track record, through general conversation you should pick up on if they are passionate and right for your business and industry.


Strategic Planning and Backups


Diagnosis and recommendation are just the start. In the first consulting services conversation, the consultant should have a good idea on the strategy but also have ideas about backups. It will give you a good indication that the consultant has the experience required and the knowledge and passion to see it through.


Training Plan


This might not come up in the first conversation, but asking the consultant about any training that might be involved is a good idea. The solution and plan they come up with might involve retraining certain personnel, management, sales, time and productivity training can all be expected to be part of the process.


Emphasis on Process


The process is not A-B. It will involve many steps and there should be clear milestones in between, this will provide a good indication on progress and provide measurable results. The consultant will most likely talk about your business and the process the most.


If you are looking for an experienced consultant or a team to fulfill these requirements, contact us at Axis Software Dynamics. Our leadership is dedicated to providing the best service for your business. We want to meet your expectations and help you achieve your business’ true potential.