Web Developer: 5 Popular Business Software Programs


Popular Business Software Programs

Gone are the days when web developers relied on mere manpower alone to run the show. In fact, most modern businesses are likely to be more automated in certain aspects, and good business software is essential to smooth operation in the digital age. With a host of business software programs, both simple and complex, here are 5 popular programs that your business might profit from.


While this program is no secret with blogging at the forefront of any company’s online marketing list, WordPress has risen to the top of the pack. WordPress is free. “Wordpress for Dummies” is just one of many affordable or free guides to using the popular service. WordPress features advanced SEO options. WordPress has a simple dashboard. If you’re a web developer, what’s not to love?


Sunbird is Mozilla’s calendar program (meant to complement Thunderbird). It’s free, simple, and performs basic functions. If you need an ultra-dynamic and complex calendar tool, you should probably look elsewhere, but Sunbird’s ease-of-use makes it an extremely helpful calendar. Easily switch between month, week, and day views, and a publishing feature allows you to simply add your calendar to your website if you so choose.


Are you looking for a better way to keep track of customers, follow up with them, or streamline the sales process? Salesforce offers tons of features–so many, in fact, that you may need to set aside some time just to learn how to use the program to its full potential. It claims to boost sales, increase customer happiness, and get you more leads, among plenty of other benefits. The set of capabilities is vast, so take some time to research the product before you try to dive in.


Believe it or not, using an email list with customers is still a viable marketing option. Customers need to be on your email list willingly, of course, but this can be an excellent way to reach them with news, promotions, or relevant info. Not all email servers are created equal, though, and Topica has managed to avoid spam filters more than most other similar services. The affordability and long-standing reputation of Topica makes it one of the best choices on the market.

Zoho Invoice

While many small businesses don’t need a huge software program to manage accounts, adequate organization of billing and customer accounts is an obvious necessity. Zoho offers many extra-cost features that integrate well with the regular model, but standard subscription allows practical features for any web developer, like simple account creation, 1-click invoice emailing and printing, and other billing needs. Plans can range from free to $35/mo.

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