7 Questions Great Web Developers Ask


web developer frisco txGreat Web Development Questions

Business is a competitive world, and competition begins on the web; find a web developer  that can set you apart from the rest. Having a great website is only one part of running a great company, but businesses with great all-around performance always win the game. Here are some of Axis Software Dynamics’ top questions we ask when building a great site, and remember to call us at 469-535-7500 to get started.

Is It Concise?

Your website is no place to wax eloquent. This might come as a shock, but users don’t curl up by the fireplace on a cold winter night to read content on your website–they visit your site to get information, now. Say what people need to know, and not much more than that.

Is It Easy to Navigate?

A website isn’t any good if visitors can’t find what they are looking for. Be sure each page is easily accessible, always keep users aware of what page they are currently on, and allow users easy return access to the home page.

Is Your Message Consistent?

This applies to both services and branding. Make sure visitors know what you offer and how you offer it–and don’t contradict yourself. Regarding branding, it’s important to provide a consistent tone and style. Don’t display multiple personalities online.

Can You Analyze It?

Analytics play a vital role when you use your website to grow your business. You need statistics about your website’s traffic to make wise decisions going forward.

Are Your Resources Up-to-date?

Keep your calendar current, your blog recent, your “upcoming events” up-and-coming–you get the idea. Nobody visits your website to read 6-month old blog posts. It doesn’t reflect well on the credibility of your business, and it makes your company look apathetic.

Is It Search-Engine-Optimized?

This is one of many areas where you should rely on only the best web developer to take care of your website needs. Axis Software Dynamics knows the ins and outs of search engines, and your website is guaranteed to generate more traffic when we are done with it. From key-word rich blogs to expertly-placed titles and tags, call Axis Software Dynamics to get your company rated well on search engines.

Is the Design Attractive?

While the primary goal of your website should be functionality, it does need to look good, to. This isn’t the 90’s anymore and design matters. Typography and layout are key elements, and the text on your site needs to be readable. Furthermore, you want your visitor’s attention to be drawn towards your phone number and contact info–something a good web developer will know right away.

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